Molden, Jan 15 2017

Another ski-trip in the “memorable” category…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP GPX
Molden 1121m 808m Luster WCP GPX

The ski-trip, summarized in a video clip…

Sunday morning, and another glorious day in Indre Sogn. Anne and I quickly found out that we wanted to ski to Molden – a peak I have been to a couple of times before, but never on skis.

Molden, seen from the air in 2007

The natural starting point was Mollandsmorki, and for Karma’s sake, I hoped that there would be tracks up the mountain. That said, on yesterday’s ski-trip to Tylderingen, Karma was hardly ON the tracks. Too busy with checking out every bush along the way.

I didn’t think there would be any tracks, but a snowmobile had recently been up the mountain, leaving perfect tracks for us.

Karma – temporarily ON the snowmobile track

A bit up in the forest, we caught up with Liv – Anne’s park ranger colleague, waiting for her husband who had forgotten his skis. Liv kept us company up to Svarthiller, where she decided to wait for the husband.

Anne and Liv at Svarthiller

The mountain was fogged in, and I had no big expectations when we continued up the mountain. But after a little while, it seemed that we would get above the fog. And when we finally did, it was such a glorious, glorious moment! True mountain happiness!

Above the fog!!!!

I didn’t remember which of the two tops on the mountain that is the highest, but I assumed it was the cairn point (western top). At least, I could see above the easterntop just before reaching the cairn. But some maps say there is a 1120m contour on the eastern top (interpolated to 1121m). But whichever is the higher, we were indeed ON Molden…

The Molden cairn

The fog seemed like an “ocean” below us, and seeing tops pop up here and there is – for me – a much grander view than if there had been no fog at all. Which is usually the case…

Molden panorama

The descent was quite nice, even although we had to dive back into the fog. It’s always fun to play “catch me if you can” with Karma. Ref. the video clip.

Back in Sogndal, I rested for a little while before I took an evening ski-trip up Skardsbøfjellet with Karma. This is not a peak, but a good exercise, given the 9,3km (total) and 500m vertical gain…

By the power station on Skardsbøfjellet, looking forward to 4,6km of nice skiing down the mountain

Later in the evening, Anne and I went to the Sogndal restaurant Malin and enjoyed the buffet. One of their specialities is sushi. Passing the aquarium on the way out, I hope they get their fish from the sea…

I hate to see you in there. Honestly.

Pictures from the Molden trip

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