Saursegga, Gjøna, Feb 19 2023

Pure medicine…

Saursegga above Haugsbygda


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
19.02.23 Saursegga 516m 93m Sande, Norway WCP MAP
19.02.23 Gjøna 531m 163m Sande, Norway WCP MAP
19.02.23 Hanen 414m 21m Sande, Norway WCP MAP
19.02.23 Haugshornet 431m 53m Sande, Norway WCP MAP

Sunday: This hike was so nice that it deserves its own blog post, separate from the week report.

I was on round 4 of antibiotics, and every day was like – you know – when you feel you’re about to get the big flu. In other words, I was feeling crappy all week and today was the same – except for one important thing: the combination of fresh snow and blue sky. On days like these, a hike to Saursegga & Gjøna (aka Nipa) is just what I need!

Heading out from Haugelia

Our starting point was Haugelia at Haugsbygda. And the plan was the usual round-trip; Saursegga – Gjøna – Saursegga – Hanen – Haugshornet – Vikelva – Haugelia. All along marked paths.

Today’s route

The ascent up the mountain was just a transport leg. The important thing was to get on the Saursegga ridge.

Saursegga in view

And eventually, we were en route for the ridge.

Heading for Saursegga

There was a lot of weather going on around us, but nothing bad.


There wasn’t a lot of snow, but still I managed to step into a mud pit. I got wet but didn’t feel any discomfort thanks to good socks!


A bit later, we were ON the ridge, and I really, really enjoyed myself. This is (arguably) the finest walk on the island!

On Saursegga

I was curious if Gjøna would offer some challenges – like ice, but today it was all good. This mountain is just steep enough to make one feel a bit uncomfortable if there is a lot of ice.

Gjøna ahead

A little bit later, we stood on top of Gjøna. My 16th visit. None of them dull!

Almost on top of Gjøna

And the view awesome like always!

Panorama view from Gjøna
Panorama view from Gjøna

It would have taken a severe health condition to NOT do this hike today…

Karma and me on Gjøna

Then it was time to turn around and – for starters – get back to Saursegga.

Leaving Gjøna

There is a good portion of vertical meters on this round-trip hike. Approx. 900…

Heading for Saursegga – once again

After passing Saursegga, we headed up to Hanen (414m) – a quite modest hump. Then we sat course for Haugshornet.

On Haugshornet. Saursegga in the background

The plan was now to follow the sticks to Vikelva and return to Haugelia via Arskotet. But, I got a bit fed up going in the wrong direction and figured an off-trail short-cut would be just fine.

Bad decision…

Bad decision. This short-cut was truly cumbersome, and I soon regretted it. But, it wasn’t a question of heading back up and so we had to finish.

Gosh, that was awful!

Eventually, we got on the Vikelva – Arskotet – Haugelia path and returned to the car 2h:22m after leaving. A wonderful hike and pure medicine!

Trip statistics: 10km, 900 vertical meters, 2h:22m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Prox Max) from the hike:

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    1. Hi John. Thanks! Depends on the problem and risk. For more gentle tops with small problems like this, I carry microspikes. But for more serious problems I would bring crampons and harness for the dog. Kicking steps, using sharp rocks as “ice picks” has also been tried…

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