Garnestua, Mar 18 2016

Wrong footwear. Definitely…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein Map

I was about to get ready for a drive to Sogndal, to start Anne’s and my Easter vacation there, and I wanted to walk the dog before the 3,5 hour long drive. I chose Garnestua as my hiking goal and from what I could see, there was not a lot of snow on the mountain. I looked for my gaiters, just in case, but I couldn’t remember where I had packed them.

The first 200 vertical meters were free of snow, but then… And the transition was not gradual, it was snow up to my knees once I reached the snow. On the path, and under the snow was a creek with melting water. I was soaking wet right from the get-go and the progress was SLOW! Karma (my dog) ploughed her way through the snow and I chose to adapt to her technique.

Arriving at approx. 400m elevation, my feet were so cold that I could barely feel them. I had to stop and dry my socks and give my feet a massage. And I had to repeat this 4-5 times throughout the hike.

Between deep snow in the forest and deep snow on the summit ridge

On the summit ridge, I had approx. 1km of deep and wet snow to struggle in. And when we finally reached the summit, my feet were totally numb. I took a couple of pictures and gave Karma her reward (dog candy) and turned around.

The hike down the mountain was of course far easier than the ascent, and I was so incredible happy when we reached the car and I could turn on the heater. Hitting the snower back home offered a mixed sensation – as warm water and cold feet can be quite a painful experience.


The plan was that Karma would get tired and sleep tight during the drive to Sogndal. The plan was definitely not that I should get tired as well. But the trip went well and in Sogndal, Anne was waiting with a hot, delicious meal.

Descending from Garnestua

Pictures from the trip:

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