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Welcome to fjordpeaks.com. My name is Arnt Flatmo and this blog is a continuation of westcoastpeaks.com, which will no longer be developed (the hiking log is still updated). On this blog, you will primarily find trip reports from peaks in the western parts of Norway, rising high above the beautiful fjords.

On Ryten, Lofoten, Norway

There will also be trip reports from other parts of Norway and even from mountain abroad. Please visit westcoastpeaks.com for a large number of trip reports posted between 1999 and 2015.

You will see some links under the MENU button (upper right corner), which points to a.o.: a) westcoastpeaks, b) map of my ascents, c) my posts on peakbook.org

The language will still be English, and as English is not my native language, please bear over with any errors you may come across.

Hornindalsrokken, 1526m

I was born in 1963 in Nordland county, Norway. I grew up in the Oslo region and moved to Bergen in 1998 – where I started my mountaineering activities. In 2005, I moved to Ålesund and 3 years later I moved to Gurskøy island. My main hobby is “peakbagging” (all seasons), and in the daytime I work as a Solution Analyst and Developer in Kongsberg Maritime.

My girlfriend is Anne Rudsengen, a field inspector in Statens naturoppsyn ( Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management) and the author of the popular guidebooks Opptur Hordaland and Opptur Sogn og Fjordane. She lives in Sogndal.

On Vega island, northern Norway
Rødøyløva, northern Norway


Arnt Flatmo
Sunnmøre, Norway
March 2016

31 thoughts on “Welcome!

      1. Hello Arnt.
        I came across your website searching for my family – the name Fossola – the Yellow House – which is in your post on Westcoast Peaks. Wow! It is the same picture we have in our photo archives!

  1. Sorry that you decided to leave Peakbook, Arnt. Hope you will continue to write reports and include GPS tracks as before. I have had great benefit of reading about your trips when planning own tours. Good luck with you new internet page! Best regards from Knut.

  2. Just a quick thank you for your detailed reports for Bergen. My wife and I are just here for two months, so your instructions are very valuable to help us get to know the trails quickly. Tomorrow–Ulriken! Thank you for all your work.

      1. We are already thinking about coming back to Norway. We are full time nomads, living around the world 2-3 months at a time. I was wondering if we should consider Ålesund next time. Is the hiking as accesible there as it is in Bergen? (We like to live where we can hike easily without having a car. Bergen, of course, is the best we’ve found so far for that!) Or perhaps you have other recommendations. Thanks.

      2. I’m very sorry. I missed your reply. Yes, Ålesund region can offer a lot of marked trails. Give me a hint if you decide to go there, and I can provide some links to useful web-sites that will be of great help.

  3. No problem, Arnt. Bergen is the best city we’ve ever lived in, for many reasons, not the least of which is the amazing accessibility of mountain hiking right outside the door. I love this aspect so much that now I’m searching the world for other interesting cities that might have this same feature.

    We leave Norway for Scotland after a wonderful two month stay. But I’m sure we’ll be back in the future. The big decision will then be whether to return to Bergen or try out another city like Alesund. I like to plan way ahead, so any web-site you recommend about Alesund would be most welcome.

    Thank you again for your really terrific work here. I like just browsing through your site, even if I’ll never be able to visit many of the peaks I’m reading about.

    Perhaps I can ask you, are there other interesting cities with mountain hiking we should consider for a couple of months when we return, other than Alesund. Again, we like a combination of great city and easy hiking.


  4. Hello Arnt from England!

    I have just come across your very interesting site, and will be coming to stay in Alesund for a week in March 2017. I am hoping to go hiking in the Sunnmore Alps then, and was wondering if you could kindly let me know of any mountains there and in the region that you would particularly recommend. I have winter gear such as crampons and an ice axe, but do not use ropes etc, as I am into hiking rather than climbing.

    You also mentioned in your above reply to Bob that you could provide some useful links to other sites, so that would be very useful too if you were able to let me know of some of them.

    Thanks and very best wishes,

  5. Hallo
    my name is Jesko and I search for informations about winterclimbing routes in Hurrungane:)

    We plan to come in next spring (april) to do some winter/mixed climbs. We heard that hurrugane has good rock, and found pictures of this awesome northface of the Skagastols- und Styggedalsridge. We have actually some really good pictures of the wall, found much info’s about ski touring and read the classic guidebook from James Baxter. But we found no/ less info’s about winter-/ mixedclimbs in the face, but we are really sure that there where guys before us. Do you know something about routes in the faces, or do you know a person with a good knowledge of what happened in the face the last years/ decades?

    Just a little bit about us:
    We all had made before classic ski traverses of the norwegian national parks. We are relatively experienced winter climbers (several routes up to TD+ all over the alps, especially in Chamonix…). We plan to do only “daytrips” and we don’t plan to climb super hard routes, our main goal to come back with all fingers and toes We plan to come as a 3 men team and we wanna stay for 2 weeks in the area. Our main goal is not to do first ascents, its more to climb in an wild area.

    Your actual plans:
    First we wanna camp at the glacier below gjertvasstind/ styggedalstind. Do 1-2 training days in the rock parts left of the gjertvasstind, to get a feeling for the rock, protection gear,… The snow routes are obvios, but have you any info´s about the rock pillar of gjertvasstind, or the rock pillar at the lower peak of styggedaltind or mixed/line lines at the sides of the pillars?

    Then change the area to the glacier below sentraltind. Here it will be more serious especially because of the difficulties to come back to the basecamp (downclimbing or around the hole ridge) and the seracs. So we plan to decide there what we will do. But any info`s of existing routes?

    Do you think there are routes possible???? Or our plans are crazy?

    Do you have experience what temperatures are possible in a really cold year?? We plan actually to come with boots of the 6000 categories (and thinner ones, when its warm

    To you think middle of april is totally shit, or could be the conditions be good. We thought that would be a good time in comparison to the high peaks in the alps. Do you think there´s too much snow then in the faces??

    We will come with all the possible gear, but do you have an idea whats meanly necessary? More cams or more pitons, whats in you gearrack?

    It would be super, when you can help us or can give us contact to a person who can help.

    King regards

  6. Hello Arnt
    I was in Tongestolen in July 2001 on a university field trip. One day I decided to hike to the end of the Langedalen valley on the right of the river. This wasn’t an easy hike what with all the ferns, stunted forests and boulders covered in moss. Anyway on reaching the end of the valley I found myself surrounded by six glaciers coming down off the mountains. This was the most spectacular thing I had ever seen, together with the constant sound of crashing ice. However, on returning to England and getting my photos developed i was told that the reel containing all that days pictures had been damaged in the processing and all had been lost. My question is ‘do you know of anyone that may have pictures of those glaciers from below in the valley?’ I know you are more interested in peaks than valleys, but I would be very grateful to you if you could help me out.
    Many regards

  7. Hey there Arnt!
    Getting ready for a trip out to Colorado to hopefully bag a few 14ers I haven’t done yet. Ended up on a full tangent looking at other prominent mountains around the world and stumbled across your log from climbing Gunnbjørn Fjeld and so many other mountains in Greenland. Just wanted to let you know that I have had a blast reading through your notes and checking out the pictures. Super impressed by you and the rest of the crew!

    Just wanted to let you know that some random guy in the USA thinks you’re really awesome and is inspired by your work!

  8. Can I use your picture of Jaktasreinen, for my book cover. I needed a picture of one big prominent rock with a mountain far off in the background. To give a picture of the Bible verse i n the book of Daniel: The Rock cut out of the Mountain with no hands. I plan to put book out for free, to anyone interested.

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