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Saudehornet seen from Vallahornet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
05.09.23 Instehornet 653m 200m Volda, Norway WCP MAP
06.09.23 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
06.09.23 Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
07.09.23 Grøthornet 748m 35m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
07.09.23 Sandhornet 909m 471m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
08.09.23 Helgehornet 626m 545m Volda, Norway WCP MAP
09.09.23 Seljebotn/ Uriskardbotnen 952m Fjord, Norway MAP
10.09.23 Saudehornet 1303m 825m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP

Instehornet (653m), Sep 5 2023

Our route

Tuesday: Due to nasty weather on Monday, my hiking week began on Tuesday. The weather forecast for the rest of the week was quite good, and so I decided that this would be a Ørsta/Volda week. In other words, limited hiking in my local region. My leg felt good for hiking, but there would not be any running for a while…

I decided to start in Volda, hiking Instehornet.

I normally pass Instehornet after coming from Rotsethornet. But today, I felt for starting at the golf course.

Heading for Instehornet

I have a sweet spot for the green-green forests…

I love this kind of forest…

And not so much for trails that are confused with creeks

Wet path…

Then it got steep

The forest just got steeper

But eventually, we rose above the forest, and I started thinking about the descent route. I was torn between trying to descend via Rotsethornet or via Vontripshaugen. Rotsethornet was the natural choice, but there is one steep pitch which is a bit cumbersome.

Ascending Instehornet

And then we were on top of Instehornet!

On Instehornet, with view towards Volda

After a minute or two, I had made my mind up. The descent would be via Vontripshaugen. This meant that we had to follow our ascent route for a little while, before continuing on the forest ridge.

Heading for Vontripshaugen – the ridge going left in center

I hoped we would avoid rain


So far, it seemed we would be in the clear

Austefjord view

It’s been a few years since we went across Vontripshaugen, and I looked forward to the revisit.

Vontripshaugen ahead

All of a sudden, Karma stopped (as she is trained to do if there is anything ahead of us, on two or four legs). It turned out to be two hunters (with their rifles ready) and they hadn’t seen us. A slightly awkward situation. What is the protocol? Should I clear my throat? What about “Yo!”? Before I could make up my mind, they spotted us and we had a quick talk.

What’s ahead?

They preferred I didn’t go east, which was the only route down that I knew about. But there turned out to be a path along the north ridge. A new route for me – bonus!

Looking back on Instehornet

Trip statistics: 10,5km, 875 vertical meters, 2h:38m

Blåtind (697m), Haddalshornet (611m), Sep 6 2023

Our route

Wednesday: The weather was back to beautiful and as I hadn’t been to Blåtind – the high point on Hareidlandet island since April, I decided to go there – and visit Haddalshornet while at it.

We headed out from Havåg along my favorite route.

On the way to Blåtind

No matter how much it rains, this path is never wet and muddy.

Good drainage here…

I felt a little bad for not bringing my Canon camera, but in case I wanted to jog a little on the mountain, it would be impractical. The Iphone isn’t too bad, at least in panorama mode…

Haddalshornet left, Blåtind in center

From the Grøthornet – Blåtinden pass, we did the last part up to the top off-trail.

On Blåtind – with view towards the Ørsta/Volda region

Then we took the more traditional route over to Haddalshornet.

Haddalshornet – left, just behind the Blåtind ridge

After a while, we reached Haddalshornet.

On Haddalshornet

Haddalshornet is almost a “bonus top” if you’re hiking Blåtind – and you come from the Eiksund, Havåg or Haddal sides.

Blåtind seen from Haddalshornet

It was good to be out on this beautiful afternoon.

View towards Eika island

In the forest above Havåg, we (like always) took a different route back down. I stumbled upon a lot of Chanterelle, which I picked. When I got home, I wasn’t in mood for peeling and cleaning mushrooms and gave them to a neighbour.

On a different route back to Havåg

Trip statistics: 9,4km, 865 vertical meters, 2h:29m

Sandhornet (909m), Sep 7 2023

Our route

Thursday: Resuming my Ørsta/Volda “project” for the week and this afternoon, we would revisit Sandhornet. I chose to head out from Mosmarka. There are (at least) two routes (steep) to Brekkeheida and the plan was to do both of them today.

At Mosmarka, with Brekkeheida above. Sandhornet to the left.

Karma didn’t particularly seem to enjoy our ascent route.   

Sorry, kiddo. It will get better soon…

Things got easier from Brekkeheida. The plan was to hike across Grøthornet (the normal route), but descend off-trail to see if I could find the path between Brekkeheida and point 816m (north of Sandhornet). I could see this path on the map, but was it actually there?

Aiming for the Grøthornet – Sandhornet ridge

This was yet another beautiful afternoon, and I looked forward to reaching the top and take in the dramatic views this mountain has to offer.

On the way to Grøthornet

After passing Grøthornet, we had the final 200 vertical meters in plain view.

Sandhornet ahead

The views didn’t disappoint today, either…

View from Sandhornet

One may argue that any peak in this alpine range offers dramatic views, but you must put the effort of getting there into the equation. Sandhornet is a fairly easy hike.

View from Sandhornet

After returning to the Sandhornet – Grøthornet pass, we went off-trail – aiming for Brekkeheida. Would we find the path?

Going off-trail

After a while, I found the path but it wasn’t really worth following. It didn’t offer any additional benefits and hiking off-trail wasn’t too bad.

On our way to Brekkeheida

This is the 2nd time I’ve hiked directly between Sandhornet and Brekkeheida. I’m not sure there will be a 3rd. Done that now, etc…

Looking back on Grøthornet and Sandhornet

The views from Sandhornet are quite alright but the Ørsta view from Brekkeheidane isn’t too bad either!

View from Brekkeheida. Saudehornet in center (visited a few days later)

We took the other path down the forest and ended up at Mosmarka, only 0,4km away from the car.

Trip statistics: 9,1km, 905 vertical meters, 2h:23m

Helgehornet (626m), Sep 8 2023

Our route

Friday: Our Saturday hike would be strenuous, and so I wanted a short and easy hike this Friday afternoon. My choice fell on Helgehornet (Volda), a round-trip hike starting at the shooting range. Permitted that no shooting was going on. Karma gets quite uneasy by the sound of rifles, firecrackers and rockets.

Fortunately, there was no activity at the shooting range. I am not a big fan of outdoor shooting ranges close to popular hiking trails. I’m not afraid to get shot, but the shooting kills the joy of hiking, in addition to making the dog tremble. 

On our way to Helgehornet

Go somewhere else then” is maybe a valid comment. But this isn’t the only shooting range close to a populated area, and I have no desire having to memorize who’s shooting when and where. And with the autumn hunt going on for months, there’s just no escape from the noise.

I would be very happy if they built indoor shooting ranges instead…  

But at the top, life is normally quite peaceful

My oh my – beautiful…

Today, a family with a bunch of kids was on top when we arrived there, and they were soon swarming around Karma. She doesn’t typically get very enthusiastic about kids, as the “quality of petting” isn’t top notch.

But she patiently lets them go on with their “thing”. It gets better for all parties when I bring up treats and let the kids give them to the dog. They particularly enjoy doing as I tell them – put the treat on the ground in front of the dog, let the dog wait for 10-15 seconds, then go “Værsågod”. I don’t really know how to translate this word. It would normally translate to “You’re welcome”, but that doesn’t work in this context. “Here you go” is perhaps closer to the meaning.

View from Helgehornet

We followed the south ridge on our way down – doing the classic round-trip route. It was a nice hike and now I was really curious and excited about what tomorrow had in store for us!

View from Helgehornet

Trip statistics: 4,9km, 445 vertical meters, 1h:27m

Uriskardbotnen – sheep gathering & roundup, Sep 9 2023

Moving in on the sheep (to the left)

This trip is featured on a separate post

Saudehornet (1303m), Sep 10 2023

Our route

Sunday: The weather was OK, but there was fog on the mountain tops. I was keen on a good hike, but I wasn’t able to tempt Anne – who wanted to settle for a local walk. When she offered to look after Karma, I decided to go to Saudehornet – where I hadn’t been since 2020.

Bye bye to the girls

I started out from Vikelegene, hoping that the fog would lift before I reached the top. I had my doubts, though.

Leaving the gravel road and getting onto the path

On my way up, I decided that the day I don’t have the will and desire to hike this mountain, I’m officially *old*. Having such a well-defined benchmark is quite practical, I think…

On my way to Saudehornet

This would be my 20th visit to the top. I wished that I could “celebrate” with some decent views, but then I realized I was happy enough just being on my way up…

Approaching the Vallahornet – Saudehornet ridge

The fog had clearly lifted, but not enough. The fog from 1200m and up seemed to stick.

On the Vallahornet – Saudehornet ridge

No complaints, though. I had a lot of views. Just not ALL of them…

Looking down on Vallahornet

After 1,5 hours, I reached the top.

Saudehornet summit

While up here, I decided to check out a pinnacle on the ridge to Kyrkjetinden.

Along the Saudehornet – Kyrkjetinden ridge

After some scrambling, I felt a bit uneasy. The rock was slippery and while the knife-edge ridge ahead of me looked fun, I had the wrong shoes for this kind of terrain. They just didn’t sit well on the rock and I decided to come back another day – with no fog and dry rock.

I turned around on top of the rock ahead of me. Rock too slippery

I went back down and paid Vallahornet a visit.

Ørsta view from Vallahornet

It was good to be back, and I already look forward to the next hike up here…

Trip statistics: 8,9km, 1225 vertical meters, 2h:34m

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