Bislingflaka, Dalasjøhøgda, Ringkollen, Aug 5 2023

Forest top “bagging” in the outskirts of Oslomarka

On Ringkollen


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
05.08.23 Bislingflaka 693m 160m Lunner, Norway MAP
05.08.23 Dalasjøhøgda 628m 115m Lunner, Norway MAP
05.08.23 Ringkollen 702m 175m Ringerike, Norway MAP

Bislingflaka (693m), Aug 5 2023

Our route

Saturday: Still in Hov, Søndre Land, and I had the day all to myself. Anne would go biking and visit relatives. I saw a good opportunity to get myself some new tops even if it was a rainy day. I just had to “report to dinner” at 18:00.

I decided to start with Bislingflaka. Approx. an hour after leaving Hov, I parked by Myllsdammen – on the east end of lake Mylla. The parking fee was NOK 60, – (YouPark)

Parking by Myllsdammen

The plan had been to follow the road to Bislingen Fjellstue, but when I noticed there was a path, albeit muddy, I decided to follow it.

Along the path. Lake Mylla to the left

We soon were in the middle of a herd of cows, and I considered turning back around. On second thought, I assumed these cows – in the outskirts of Oslomarka – were used to hikers, and besides – the calves should be quite big this late in summer. So, I took my chance and we snook through the herd. I admit I was nervous, like I always am in these situations.

After 0,7km, we reached the road but as the path continued on the other side, we stuck to the path.

On the path to Bislingsætra

After a while, we passed Bislingsætra.

One of the cabins at Bislingsætra

And then we ended up on the huge parking lot by Bislingen Fjellstue.

Karma is wondering where the top is. So am I…

From here, we followed a visible path 0,3km in the southwest direction before reaching the highest point up here – Bislingflaka.

On top of Bislingflaka

We followed the road all the way down. Not very fun, but 1 top was now “in the bag” and I was curious about where we would end up next, as I didn’t have a plan.

Trip statistics: 4,9km, 245 vertical meters, 1h:09m

Dalasjøhøgda (628m), Aug 5 2023

Our route

Saturday: Back in the car, I looked at the map to find the next goal. I quickly settled for Dalasjøhøgda on the other side of RV4. This top was 7,1km (straight line) northeast of Bislingflaka. I’m not used to the new RV4 layout and ended up going southbound in the direction of Oslo. Eventually, I found a place to turn around and could set course for Grua and the Nysetervegen forest road towards Langvatnet. The Nysetervegen toll road fee was NOK 60, – (YouPark)

I parked the car where the path towards Munkerudstjerna begins.

Heading out for Dalasjøhøgda

The first part of the forest trail (tractor road) was easy enough.

On the forest trail towards Munkerudstjerna

So far, this was going quite well and I expected to be on top in “no time”.

Almost up on the plateau

When we came to the plateau just south of Munkerudstjerna, I realized that we were on the wrong path. We had to backtrack a little bit to get on the path on the west side of the lakes.

In the beginning, the path was OK but looked like it wasn’t used much.

On the forest path west of Munkerudstjerna

Then it got muddy!


Eventually we reached the top and I looked forward to getting out of this forest. We took the same route back to the car.

On top of Dalasjøhøgda

Note: On the map, Dalasjøhøgda (approx. 607m) is ~640 meters north of this top, which does not have a map name. But, as you zoom out, the name “Dalasjøhøgda” covers both tops and this is probably why has “Dalasjøhøgda” on this 628m top.

Trip statistics: 2,7km, 130 vertical meters, 0h:43m

Ringkollen (702m), Aug 5 2023

Our route

Saturday: I decided to “treat myself” with one more top and sat course for Ringkollen. This was the farthest away from Hov I’ve been on day hikes. Ringkollen was just east of Hønefoss, which sounds like “really far away” when I’m in Hov. But compared to the distances in western Norway, it isn’t…

One thing was for certain – this would be a short hike, as it is possible to drive all the way up to Ringkollen chapel (~600m elevation). The Ringkollveien fee was NOK 45, – (YouPark)

At the trailhead, the local sheep were waiting for the rain to stop…

The sheep in eastern Norway are probably not used to a lot of rain…

The rain did actually stop a few minutes later and we headed out along the trail…

On our way to Ringkollen!

Karma seemed a little confused. She’s used to a longer hike in the afternoon, not a bunch of short walks in the daytime.

Don’t think. Just walk…

But she tags along, of course, and after a little while we reached the upper part of Ringkollen and could “take in the views”.

Now, the big question was – where is the top? Was it here by the viewfinder?

Limited views…

Or was it up here by this building? I was confused, so I tried to cover every possible high point.

Is this the high point?

In the end, I settled for this rock next to the viewfinder.

Nominating the rock Karma is on as the Ringkollen high point

I knew I would be pretty upset if I would later on discover if I had missed the high point. But right now, all was good as it started to clear up!

I got a glimpse of “something in the horizon”, which I think was Steinsfjorden.

Steinsfjorden in the distance?

We took the same route down and returned to the car before 14:00. I had more than plenty of time before dinner in Hov and had time for one more top. But in the end, I decided to return to Hov as there weren’t any more pf100 tops in the nearby region.

Note: According to, the terrain is 702,8m by the building on the north side and 701,7m by the viewfinder.

Trip statistics: 2,4km, 145 vertical meters, 0h:38m

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