Hovshaugen, Foksetåsen, Aug 3-4 2023

A short stop in Orkland, on our way south

Baardshaug Herregård


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
03.08.23 Hovshaugen 406m 139m Orkland, Norway MAP
04.08.23 Foksetåsen (Grønliutsikten) 437m 157m Skaun, Norway MAP

Hovshaugen (406m), Aug 3 2023

Our route

Thursday: We left Brønnøysund early morning but stopped at Sausvatn to say goodbye to our friends Jorun & Arnfinn. The traditional stack of waffles quickly came on the table and Karma threw all manners overboard…

Breakfast at Saus

Stuffed with waffles, we left northern Norway and sat course for Orkanger, where we would spend the night before moving on to Hov in Søndre Land.

Anne had booked us a room at Bårdshaug Herregård – a historic hotel. We both looked forward to getting there.

It was a rainy drive to Orkanger, but eventually we could check in at the hotel. It was quite a place (top picture)!

We checked into our room (in a separate building) and realized that we had a 2-hour window before dinner, which we could use to get ourselves a brand new pf100 top!

Checked in!

The choice fell on the closest top – Hovshaugen. We had to dig a little bit to find motivation in the pouring rain, but we found it…

Remember – it can always get worse!

We drove Ulvåsvegen almost to road end. We parked where the road to Årlia forked.

We’re on our way to Hovshaugen

The idea was to follow the road until we got to the Hovsslættet path. Anne had recently downloaded the “Stolpejakten” app and was happy to find “stolper” up here.

Anne, using the mobile app to register a visit to a new “stolpe” (stick/post)

We made a mistake by following the path on the above picture, instead of following the road 0,7km before going on the path. And soon we found ourselves totally off-trail, in soaking wet grass…

Walking about in the Orkland forests

We were hiking based on “guts feeling” about in which direction we should go. In the end if was obvious that we were on the wrong way and had adjust the course.

But eventually, we found the top.

Another one “in the bag”

On the way back, we followed an eastbound path from the top until we reached the Hovsslættet path. We looked forward to getting back to the hotel, a shower and then dinner

Back on the forest rad, properly wet!

We – but Anne in particular – were happy about the food. She had ordered vegan, I had not.

Dinner at Baardshaug

The room was nice, but we couldn’t get cold water from the bathroom sink. Which is not a big problem unless you have a thirsty dog…

Trip statistics: 3,4km, 215 vertical meters, 0h:53m

Foksethaugen (437m), Aug 4 2023

Our route

Friday: We woke up at Bårdshaug Herregård in Orkanger and decided to hike the 2nd easy pf100 top up here – Foksetåsen, before breakfast.

This was a longer drive than the Hovshaugen hike the day before. We drove to Fannrem and then up the road to Svorkland, ending up in Skaun municipality. Approx. halfway, we found the Foksetåsen trailhead. The locals just call this top “Utsikten” (“the view”) or Grønliutsikten.

The “Utsikten” trailhead

In the beginning, we followed something that looked like an old tractor road. Which was nice, as the grass was soaking wet.

This looks good!

Then we moved onto a forest path, and we got soaking wet…

On a forest path

And after a little while, we reached the top.

On top of Foksetåsen, aka Grønliutsikten, aka Utsikten

But what about the view? What is considered a good view in the Orkland/Skaun forests? Even if there was fog, we’ve had better views

Limited views from “Utsikten”

No complaints, though. We had another new pf100 top in the bag and now we could return to Baardshaug for a) shower, b) breakfast and c) checkout.

We left Bårdshaug just before 10am.

Bye, bye Baardshaug

But first, a picture of Thamspaviljongen – shipped to America for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and returned to Norway 123 years later. In other words – a good story right there…

The Thams Pavillion

Next goal: Hov in Søndre Land

Trip statistics: 3,6km, 205 vertical meters, 0h:50m

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