Sollihøgda, Botshaugkampen, “Peer Gynt” at Gålå, Aug 6 2023

Looking for the high point on Botshaugkampen


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
06.08.23 Sollihøgda 724m 195m Lillehammer, Norway MAP
06.08.23 Botshaugkampen 628m 115m Lunner, Norway MAP
06.08.23 Peer Gynt, Gålå Sør-Fron, Norway MAP

Sollihøgda (724m), Aug 6 2023

Our route

Sunday: We left our friends Eva & Bjørn in Hov, Søndre Land after breakfast. Normally, we would have been back in Sogndal on the last day of the summer vacation, but we had tickets for the Peer Gynt 2023 festival at Gålå – with “Peer Gynt” (Henrik Ibsen) as the main attraction – starting at 20:00 – lasting 3 hours (!) It would be a long, long drive back to Sogndal afterwards…

Aksel Hennie was Peer Gynt this year also, and we looked forward to seeing the play. We had tried to get tickets for the Aug 4 premiere, but it was sold out. So was Aug 5. So, it had to be Aug 6 or nothing at all, and we were happy after all.

But we had to fill the day with content and drove to Lillehammer for some easy hiking in the Mesnali region – starting with Sollihøgda.

We parked along Messenlivegen near Kinnsætra, where the road forks to Mesnsaga.

Our trailhead

We didn’t pay close enough attention to the map and ended up following a path that ended in Tjuvdalen.

On our way to Sollihøgda

As we have spent the last Christmases on Sjusjøen, I had imagined that we would be skiing this top. But I certainly didn’t mind hiking in this region…

Lake Nord-Mesna

We crossed over to the main ridge and located the path.

Finally on the path to Sollihøgda

The path followed the main ridge, going up and down, up and down and it was really nice route!

“where are we going??”

Finally, the terrain ascended to the top.


And then another top was “in the bag”!

On top of Sollihøgda

But we were not quite done yet. This was my 49th new pf100 top this year, and I simply HAD to end the summer vacation having done 50 new tops. As Botshaugkampen was nearby – it was impossible NOT to go there…

Botshaugkampen – our next goal

Trip statistics: 6,6km, 270 vertical meters, 1h:37m

Botshaugkampen (711m), Aug 6 2023

Our route

Sunday: It took only a few minutes to move the car from our Sollihøgda trailhead to Vika, where the forest road to Botshaugkampen started.

Anne was tired and wanted to “sit this one out”. So, it was just me and Karma.

Setting out for Botshaugkampen

At the end of the road was a flight radar station. As this wasn’t the high point, we moved quickly away to escape from any kind of radiation that might have been “going on”.

The flight radar on Botshaugkampen

As we headed into the forest, Anne called. She said she was not far behind and so we waited.

We have to wait for mommy…

When Karma realized what the waiting was about, she was super-excited


There are 3 humps on Botshaugkampen. I had a feeling that the northernmost top was the highest, with the middle top as a close second. But that was just a hunch. We had to visit all 3 to be sure.

Concluding that the northernmost top is the highest

After all 3 humps had been visited, we headed back down – with Gålå as our next goal.

Heading back down

Note: According to, the northernmost top is 710,7m (terrain, not surface), the top in the middle is 710,5m and the south top is 710,3m. This is based on how I interpret it…

Trip statistics: 2,7km, 170 vertical meters, 0h:43m

Peer Gynt, Gålå, Aug 6 2023

Waiting for Peer Gynt to begin

Sunday: The weather forecast was not good. The extreme weather “Hans” was on its way, and we hoped and prayed that we wouldn’t get hit this evening. There was no roof to hide under, neither for the public nor the actors.

We arrived 3 hours early. I had a blistering headache all day and desperately needed to close my eyes for a while. Anne took Karma and went for a longer walk around the festival area.

An hour before the show (starting 20:00), we left the car with Karma in it.

Karma – well set for a 3-hour wait…

The rest had done me good, and the headache wasn’t as bad as it had been. Still, I wondered how I would survive 3 hours here. I am not a big fan of theatre plays, but Anne is. Given all the times she has joined me on my interests, attending this play was the least I could do.

Entering the festival area

We strolled around the festival area for a while. I was not particularly interested in food or souvenirs…

Food and souvenirs…

Eventually, the gates opened and we could go to our seats.

Heading into the arena

While waiting, I was trying to remember the Easter vacation in 2018, where we rented a cabin here at Gålå. I recognized the landscape and the mountain behind us (Valsberget), but apart from that, I was blank. Too many trips, too many mountains…

Lake Gålåvatnet

The seats were filling up, rapidly. I think there were more than 2000 people here tonight…

The audience are finding their seats

After a while, Ellen Horn – “Kunsterisk leder” (creative director?) for the festival welcomed the audience and kindly asked that no one took pictures during the play. I applauded that.

Ellen Horn, delivering her welcome speech

Then it was just a matter of waiting before Aksel Hennie came out of the water


3 hours later (incl. a break for food), I was relieved. I had survived the play and I actually enjoyed myself. The story was interesting and the acting and effects were impressive.

We hurried back to the car to get going as soon as possible but got caught up in the big chaos. I don’t know how many cars there were. It felt like 1000 cars. Maybe not very far from the truth. Just as we got on the main road, 30-40 minutes later, it started to pour down. “Hans” had arrived.

Not only was the Aug 7 play cancelled. So was Aug 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. We got to see the last play!

The drive to Sogndal was just as long as I had feared. But fortunately, we drove away from the rain. We arrived in Sogndal around 3am and were in bed 1 hour later – not really sleeping well as I had to get up at 6am.

Thanks to Anne and Karma for yet another memorable summer vacation!

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