Ramnaholten, Munthemarki rundt, Aug 27 2023

The new “Hot route” in Sogndal…

On the “Munthemarki rundt ” route


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
17.08.23 Ramnaholten 440m 13m Sogndal, Norway MAP

Our route

Sunday: Today, we decided to join Sogndal Turlag on the “Munthemarki rundt” (around Munthemarki) hike, led by Knut Armand Iversen. It was a rainy day, but “Munthemarki rundt” is the new “hot route” that everyone is talking about. So we just had to attend!

But first, as it was Sunday, Anne had to go for a swim in the fjord with the local “gang”.

The usual Sunday ritual for Anne

Then we sat course for Årøy. It was a nice morning, albeit foggy. Rain was expected. As such, it was perfect to spend the day in the forest.

Driving along Barsnesfjorden

10:01am, we headed out and Knut led the team of 10 persons and one dog (Karma). Along was Knut A. Hågvar (and his son), who knows everything there is to know about this forest.

Heading out from Årøy

The old Kongevegen (Kings road) route up Gildreskreda, between Årøy and Hafslo is a route we know well.

Along “Kongevegen” to Hafslo

The first stop was by “Futaspranget”. Simply explained, “fut” was a tax collector for the king in the old days, and my first thought that someone had taken a jump (“sprang”) to avoid the taxman. But it turns out to be the other way around. The taxman was chased by unhappy peasants, and he didn’t see any other way than to take the jump across the river. He didn’t make it…

At “Futaspranget”

Then we passed “Olavskjelda”. Allegedly, King Olav II Haraldsson (Olav den Hellige) drunk from this creek.


I though this water had healing power, but Tom Dybwad said that we had to make a wish while drinking. OK…

Tom, making a wish…

Eventually, we reached the point where the Munthemarki route turns right and moved away from the Årøy – Hafslo route.

Entering new territory

It was now raining, but the spirit was excellent!

Happy hikers!

It was super-fun to be hiking in new terrain!

Fun terrain!

The first stop was Ormaskori (300m). This name is not found on the map. I think Knut mentioned that they had invented it.  

Descending to Ormaskori

This is probably an OK viewpoint, but not so much today. Still – the spirit was most excellent!

At Ormaskori

We could see Ølnes, but nothing else. Knut was happy, as that’s where he lives…

View down to Ølnes, from Ormaskori

Then we moved on towards Ramnaholten. The map says Romnaholten, but that’s not correct, according to Knut A. Hågvar.

To Ramnaholten!

But first – Galtastegen.

Anne and Karma going up Galtastegen

After a while, we reached the border between Sogndal and Luster and Knut A. Hågvar gave us an interesting history speech.

On the Sogndal – Luster border. Note the marker stone

Then we finally reached Ramnaholten. The point where the map has marked the 432m point is of no interest. The viewpoint is found 100m+ to the south.

Ramnaholten viewpoint

Again, we could see Ølnes and Knut was happy…

Ølnes – down to the right

I’ve never had so many lunch breaks on one hike. I ran out of food long before the lunch break on Ramnaholten.

Lunch break on Ramnaholten. Karma is closely watching for leftovers…

I wanted a “hump” to “tag” this hike to, and went up to the highest point on Ramnaholten – 440m.

Then we moved on towards Dal

Super-nice forest!

Anne and I have passed Dal quite a number of times before. Dal is part of the route from Stegen to “Skaret” and Solvornnipa. Again, Knut A. Hågvar had stories to tell…

At Dal

After Dal, we descended towards Stegen, but turned onto a new path – developed by Knut Armand Iversen – that would take us to the normal route back to Årøy.

The new route forks here

Knut has built a new bridge here. This river can be difficult to pass further down after heavy rain or snow melt. He was actually curious to see if it the bridge was still there, after the recent heavy rain. It was.

Crossing the new bridge

Eventually, we joined the normal route – which runs up, across and down from slabs.

On the Stegen – Årøy route

It’s a fun route!

On the Stegen – Årøy route

Finally, we got back to Årøy and parted after a really fun hike! Thanks to both Knuts – for developing this route and for the history lessons!

Returning to Årøy, with Ramnaholten above

Trip statistics: 11,7km, 980 vertical meters, 5h:49m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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