A good week of hiking!

View from Levandehornet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
14.08.23 Levandehornet 917m 287m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
15.08.23 Laupsnipa 562m 380m Herøy/Sande, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
15.08.23 Lysløypa, Leikongeidet 160m 0m Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP
16.08.23 Igesundhetta 216m 216m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
17.08.23 Sylvkallen 1310m 180m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
18.08.23 Eitrefjellet 733m 48m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
19.08.23 Syrebakkane 455m 42m Sande, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
19.08.23 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/Sande, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
20.08.23 Storegga 968m 118m Stad, Norway WCP MAP
20.08.23 Blåfjell 923m 99m Stad, Norway WCP MAP
20.08.23 Point 936m 936m 61m Stad, Norway WCP MAP

Levandehornet (917m), Aug 14 2023

Our route

Monday: The weather forecast for the afternoon wasn’t all that good. In fact, rain was on its way in. But I wanted to start the week by hiking a fun mountain and maybe, just maybe we could get to the top before the rain sat in? I don’t mind rain on my way down, but NOT on my way up…

I chose to go to Levandehornet in Ørsta.

Levandehornet – in center

We started from Skorgedalen, like always. The parking is almost at 380m elevation, which is quite high in this region. There are not many high forest roads around here.

The Levandehornet trailhead in Skorgedalen

This is a really unique hike in the Sunnmøre alps. After just 1,9km of hiking – and 550 vertical meters, you are on top of a really fine peak! That’s good value for “the money”!

On our way to Levandehornet

The plan was – like last year – was to descend the south ridge and return via Skorgestøylen.

View into Skorgedalen and towards Skorgestøylen

But first – get to the top before the rain did…

Come on! Tempo!

The last part is steep. A short pause to catch the breath is quite in order…

Stairway to heaven…

And then we were up!

View from Levandehornet

Not only is the peak quite fine, but the views are also fine too! No wonder this has become a very popular top!

View towards Hyningane

There are so many fun things to do in this area!

Kolåstinden in the background

Then we headed down the south ridge and I could feel the first raindrops.

Down the south ridge

And then it was raining properly! That’s when I put away the camera…

Proper rain…

Trip statistics: 6,2km, 590 vertical meters, 3h:40m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Laupsnipa (562m), Aug 15 2023

Our route

Tuesday: There isn’t much to report from this hike. I chose to go Laupsnipa, well knowing that the upper part was covered in fog.

Entering the fog zone

On our way up, we met a French family on vacation. I also met this family on the Rjåhornet hike on Sunday. My kind of tourists!

As expected, there wasn’t much to see on the top. But it was a good workout!

The Laupsnipa cairn. This is NOT the high point!

I kind of like hiking in fog and so when we got below the fog again, I was somewhat disappointed

Heading out of the fog zone

Trip statistics: 8,1km, 490 vertical meters, 1h:59m

Lysløypa, Leikong, Aug 15 2023

My route

Tuesday: I drove straight from the Laupsnipa trailhead to “Lysløypa” (lit trail) at Vonheim. I had decided to pick up jogging again and had laid out a “sustainable plan”. I always go at this too hard and too fast. The plan now was to run this 5,4km trail 10 times over 5-10 weeks and cut the time by 10% after those 10 runs.

I decided to start off easy (7km/hour) and not focus on the time. I hadn’t been jogging for years and it was just painful to get going. But I was able to jog the whole lap and looked forward to how this would progress…


Trip statistics: 5,4km, 180 vertical meters, 0h:34m:40s

Igesundshetta (216m), Aug 16 2023

Our route

Wednesday: This was not a good weather day, and I was totally out of energy after work. But I had to walk the dog and settled for an easy round-trip hike across Igesundshetta on Bergsøya island.

On our way to Igesundshetta

Most mountains around were covered in fog, but Igesundshetta was in the clear. Bonus!

On top of Igesundshetta

It was not extremely pleasant to walk around in the rain and wind, but I decided to do the hike around lake Storevatnet.

View from Igesundshetta. Lake Storevatnet down to the right

The water level in Storevatnet was mind-boggling low, but then I met a guy who told me that they were about to decommission the dam. I forgot to ask if the water would rise again or disappear altogether…

The current water level in lake Storevatnet

On our way back I decided to hike via the nameless top 186,6m. Somehow, that “saved” the day. I was happy when the hike was over and could return home for a warm shower…

Point 186,6km just left of center

Trip statistics: 4,4km, 355 vertical meters, 1h:12m

Sylvkallen (1310m), Aug 17 2023

Hjørundfjord view from Sylvkallen

Thursday: This hike is featured on a separate post

Eitrefjellet (733m), Aug 18 2023

Our route

Friday: The weather was back to just stunning, and I decided to hike Blåtinden (1217m, Ørsta) after work. This would a proper hike, to say the least, given that it was after work on a Friday afternoon. I chose to head out from Ørsta Skisenter.

Our starting point

I felt a negative vibe from Karma already when she saw the slalom hill we were to ascend.

Not too optimistic?

I tried to overrule that vibe with firm “come on!” commands, and she walked a few meters. Then she did something she had never done before. She ran down, away from me.

Hey! Where are you going???

I found her back at the car and I told her that I would deduct the parking fee (NOK 75, -) from her weekly allowance.

OK, so you’re serious. I respect that…

Joke aside, what the heck was going on? It was a hot day, but she’s never done this before. Was she sick? Only one way to find out, and that was to try the hike from a different trailhead. Preferably one where she didn’t see a steep hill in front of her.

I then drove to Valset, talked to some nice people who let me park by their house. And then we headed out along a grassy slope, aiming for a tractor road up the forest. Karma didn’t seem sick

Blåtinden, second attempt…

We had shade, water in a creek and no steep slalom hill ahead of us. Things looked good!

Ah, yes!

When the tractor road ended, we found a forest path that we continued on.

Onto a forest path

As we were rising above the forest, I had to plan the ascent route. Initially, I was thinking about going straight up just as we got out of the forest. But there was a river between us and the mountain. The river wasn’t the problem. Getting down there, and back up again was.

I just wanted to go straight up here

I had been to Blåtinden twice before – on foot from Tverrgrova back in 2009 and on skis with my friend Petter from the skiing centre back in 2017. The ascent route was the same on both occasions – via lake Trollvatnet. But I was impatient and wanted to begin the ascent without having to go all the way to the lake. So, we found a place to cross the river and aim for a ledge that I was certain would get us to the upper part of the mountain. Karma took her time in the river…

Drink up! This is the last water supply!

Then we aimed for the ledge, marked with an arrow on the below picture.

The ledge we aimed for

The terrain was steep and just terrible. Oh, my goshness! When we finally reached the ledge, a gorge was between us and an easy passage to the upper mountain. I looked around everywhere for a way to get up but had to give in. I could have gotten up, but not with the dog.

OK, this is as far as it gets…

The descent was just as awful as the ascent. Once back down in the valley, I was not interested in going up to the lake for the normal route.

Where we turned around

Instead, I chose to head towards Eitrefjellet – a hump that I hadn’t been to.

Heading for Eitrefjellet instead

I was really disappointed in my poor choice of an ascent route, but little by little, the surrounding landscape helped me forget about it and instead, enjoy just being out.

View from Eitrefjellet

We reached the top of Eitrefjellet and I was happy again.

On Eitrefjellet, with Blåtinden in the background

On the way down, we stopped by lake Korsvatnet so Karma could “refill” again…

Lake Korsvatnet

After some off-trail hiking, we found the path we followed on our way up and returned to the trailhead. We’ll be back. Karma will eventually stand on top of Blåtinden!

Nice try, kiddo. We’ll be back!

Trip statistics: 6,8km, 725 vertical meters, 2h:25m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Syrebakkane (455m), Sollia (661m), Aug 19 2023

Our route

Saturday: Today I sat out do something I had been thinking about for years – to start from Leikongeidet, hike along lake Raudsandvatnet and ascend Sollia from the east side.

Heading out from Leikongeidet

After the “transport leg” up to the pass, we had Raudsandvatnet in view. Karma expected (of course) that we now would go up the mountain, like we always do.

In the pass, with view towards lake Raudsandvatnet

Confused and happy, she took the lead down to the lake. There is a cool beach down there.

This is a nice camp-site!

For unknown reasons, Karma had been thirsty out of the ordinary for a period. She had been under “close observation” without any particular finding by me or the Veterinarian. She seemed very satisfied about having unlimited access to water down here…

Drinking AND walking – totally allowed

It was just cumbersome to hike along the lake, so I hiked the rocky shore while Karma hiked *in* the lake.

After a while, we were forced to hike in the terrain – which didn’t really invite to a repetition. But it was nice to be here for the first time. After a while, we passed a cabin which I’m sure the owners consider as a small paradise…

Passing the cabin by the lake

Eventually, we were about to move away from the lake and head up to the mountain. I told Karma to fill up properly and she seemed to understand.

Last chance before the mountain!

Then we headed for the ridge.

Aiming for the ridge – to the left

The ascent wasn’t too bad. We found a vague path that is actually marked on the map. But after a while, I chose to leave it and aim directly for the top of Syrebakkane.

On Syrebakkane

From Syrebakkane, we followed a much more used path towards Sollia.

Heading for Sollia

It was a really hot day. Karma’s tongue was hanging low…

In the midst of winter, we will think back on this day with love…

Finally, we were up on Sollia’s west top, with the east top only 100m away.

Almost there…

The two tops have always stood out to me as equally high, based on my GPS readings. But now that measurements done by laser are available on hoydedata.no, it’s possible to get a more accurate reading than with a handheld GPS. The reality seems to be that the east top isn’t 661m, but 660.3m. Slightly higher (by a few centimeters) than the west top. I haven’t updated my pages accordingly, yet…

On top of Sollia

On top, Karma was generously rewarded with treats…

Hey! You want treats?

From Sollia, there are two routes towards Leikongeidet – on each side of lake Holmevatnet. Today, we chose the route on the south side – passing point 598m along the way. Or – 596,2m – according to hoydedata.no.

Between Sollia and point 596,2m

In any case, Karma got to cool down and drink in the small lake below the tops.

I bet that was nice…

Then she was good to go for the descent to Leikongeidet

Heading back down

Trip statistics: 13,7km, 855 vertical meters, 3h:19m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike

Storegga (968m), Blåfjell (923m), Aug 20 2023

On top of Blåfjell

Sunday: This hike is featured on a separate post

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