Lingesetfjellet, Oct 2 2023

Mixed biking and hiking

Enjoying the views from Lingesetfjellet


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
02.10.23 Lingesetfjellet 1002m 184m Sogndal, Norway MAP

The route

Monday: Going for a 1000m mountain top after work in October – albeit early in the month – isn’t something I do often. But I figured – with the bike, I should be able to get up and down Lingesetfjellet in Sogndal before dark. The hike on foot would be short.

I drove to the Sogndal airport (Haukåsen) and Karma and I headed out along the forest road. The forecast had mentioned rain in the evening, and I hoped we could avoid it.

Along the forest road

But just as we got Lingesetfjellet in view, I could feel the first raindrops.

Not good…

After getting a proper shower, the rain moved on and we continued up the mountain.

Bye, bye shower. Please don’t come back…

When you don’t bike very often, the hillside from Lingesete (740m) and top the road’s high point (880m) is quite strenuous. But I didn’t want to get off the bike and I didn’t have to – until I left the bike at 870m to go hiking to the top.

On foot towards Lingesetfjellet high point

The main goal was the top (of course) but my secondary goal was to cover as much new ground as possible. And I had never ascended this top in this direction before.

View towards Storehaugfjellet

The rain seemed to keep its distance, and I was actually drying up

We had a nice 2,6km round trip hike on the mountain, enjoying the views and the colors.

Ahhh… this is nice!

Interestingly enough, the cairn does NOT mark the high point

By the cairn on Lingesetfjellet

Eventually, it was time to call it a day. We returned to the bike and the 5,3km bike-trip back to the airport was really cold. I felt numb going into the car and the shower later on was just painful.

Bye for now!

But all in all, very nice!

Trip statistics: 13,2km (10,7km on bike), 550 vertical meters, 1h:56m

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