Brønnøysund, July 22-23 2023

Along nice paths

Superb biking- and hiking paths between Svarthopen and Klubben


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
22.07.23 Klubben, on bike Brønnøy, Norway MAP
23.07.23 Klubben, on foot Brønnøy, Norway MAP

Klubben – on bike, July 22 2023

The bike route

After returning from the “Aungrenda rundt” hike, I was keen on biking and to check out the fjord paths. I started out from Klauvmarka.

Crossing Slettaunosen

My next stop was Svarthopen. The path goes around this lake and I had to do the full loop for good measure.

Svarthopen seen from the dive tower

From Svarthopen, I sat course for the path that runs along the fjord.

Passing Soløya/ Kjerringholmen

Next, I sat course for Klubben

Not getting further south now. Torghatten in the distance.

At Hestvadet, I saw goats chillin’ by the water. I’ve not seen that before…


Then I went through the Brønnøysund centre, and wondered why on earth I hadn’t done this trip before…

Through the centre of Brønnøysund

Trip statistics: 24,2km, 40 vertical meters, 1h:56m

Klubben – on foot, July 23 2023

The route

After the hike to Hongfjellet, I wanted to return to the nice Klubben area and asked Anne to come along.

Trailhead info

This would be a much shorter trip than the bike-trip from the day before. But before we could start enjoying the scenery, we had to get past one zillion sheep

Oh my…

Once past the sheep, we could begin to take in the sea breeze and the silence. Well, at least the sea breeze…

Their mission is probably more important than ours…

I couldn’t stop thinking about how the sheep dealt with the heat this summer…

Say, aren’t you warm?

This was our last evening in Brønnøysund before going further north, and it was to end this stay with this nice walk.

Leaving Tverrøya

As I had suspected, Anne really enjoyed the Klubben trail…

Along the Klubben trail

The path offers good info for young and old…

An educational hike…

Then we reached the south tip and had to leave the shore.

Anne and Karma on the Klubben trail, with Torghatten in the background

Trip statistics: 4km, 25 vertical meters, 0h:51m

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