Aungrenda rundt, July 22 2023

Back in my childhood forest

The “crux” of the route


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
22.07.23 Aungrenda rundt 193m Brønnøy, Norway MAP

The route

Saturday:Aungrenda rundt” is an annual event, organized by Folkets Hus Vel at Sausvatn. Mom has done this hike a number of times.

I have to give Anne a special credit here. When mom mentioned this hike, I just though that this was yet another hike she would go on, with her friends. It didn’t occur to me to suggest that Anne and I should come along. But then Anne said to me – “why don’t you tell her that we want to come along?” And so I did. Mom appreciated that. Along came also Bodil, a friend of mom. And then there were 4 of us, plus Karma.

The hike started at Folkets Hus at Sausvatn, after registration.

Heading out from Folkets Hus

There were 81 paying hikers and probably some more that hiked without registering.

There was plenty of historic information along the way

Just some context – if I have any roots anywhere, it’s here. It was a bit special to pass the place where I spent so many childhood summers. The original house burned down, and another house has been built on the property. Passing here called on so many good memories

Passing “Elvestad” where I have spent more summers than I can count.

We continued up the Austdalen valley. I’ve been up this valley many times before, mostly on a Vespa scooter, way too young to drive it. But I’ve also hiked up here before. It was not the most exciting part of the route…

Heading into Austdalen

Karma made a new acquaintance – “Geo”. As the owner is a geologist, I wondered if I should have named Karma “Data”.

Karma got a new “friend”

Eventually, we left the tractor road and followed a path towards Aune – the main goal for the hike.

Towards Aune

The mountains were hidden in fog

No mountain view today

I tried to think back on my 2005 hike from Borkamoen, across Søndre Snøfjellet and Aunfjellet. I came down to Aune back then and found Barry and Brit at the cabin. They were quite surprised to see the neighbor kid coming down a steep mountain! Brit is unfortunately no longer with us, but Barry was supposed to be at the cabin today, and I looked forward to seeing him again.

Fortunately, the path had been cleared for this hike

Tverråa river – coming down from lake Tosholvatnet

And eventually, we got there, and Aune – or rather Aslakaunet – was “packed”.

Arriving at Aslakaunet

I was pleasantly surprised to see old friends and relatives there. Rita – Barry’s daughter – served coffee and buns and then I finally got to meet Barry again. Very nice!

Barry – standing closest to the main building

Due to some dispute about a bridge, the original route was not on the agenda this year. So, the majority of hikers hiked down to Sanden and then returned to Aune along a different route and subsequently back to Sausvatn through Austdalen. But mom suggested we should do the original route – via Øverås. But first, we had to pass Sanden.

Passing Sanden

The organizers had put up a historic summary about each farm along the route. That was quite interesting. After Sanden, we followed a path through the forest towards Solbakken / Lassienget.

Nice terrain between Sanden and Solbakken

I was quite thankful about getting much less rain than we had expected!

Approaching Solbakken

And eventually, we reached Solbakken.

Passing Solbakken

After Solbakken, it was time to cross the Stillelva river – across Stivadet. I hadn’t paid too much attention about the debate around the bridge, but once we got there – my first thought was – my dog is NOT going across there. It’s safer in the river!

Good thing there wasn’t much water in the river today…

The bridge was OK for humans though… It would have been interesting to see what my decision had been (with respect to the dog), if there was a lot more water in the river…

Crossing Stillelva at Stivadet

After Stillelva, we had to cross some wet and boggy terrain…

Wet, but nice…

Then we gradually climbed up to Dyrkroken, east of Øverås.

To Dyrkroken

Bodil, mom, Anne & Karma at Dyrkroken

At Øverås, we were back in familiar terrain – from hiking Øveråshøgda back in 2014.

Øveråshøgda to the right

From Øverås, we descended down to Sausvatnet.

Descending from Øverås – aiming for Folkets Hus – by the main road in center of the picture

I was now salivating over the thought of sour cream porridge back at Folkets Hus. Not only did they serve the porridge, but they also had stew and waffles! We had all of it!

Enjoying very nice food at Folkets Hus

And not only that – we got a diploma too!

A proud owner…

Trip statistics: 12km, 450 vertical meters, 3h:42m

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