Mosaksla, July 21 2023

Back in Brønnøysund

Mosaksla to the left (picture from 2015)


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP MAP
21.07.23 Mosaksla 526m 448m Brønnøy, Norway WCP MAP

The route

Friday: After the extremely nice trip to Snøfjelltinden the past two days, we were now back in Brønnøysund at my mom’s place. The weather wasn’t the best and the forecast didn’t wasn’t too promising either. It was soon clear that we had to seek better weather further north, but first we would spend a few days here.

Mom had broken her hand and Anne wanted to go biking rather hiking with me and so I took Karma for a hike to my favorite mountain in Brønnøysund – Mosaksla. Or “Mofjellet” as the locals probably say.

At the Mosaksla trailhead

We parked at the regular trailhead along the way to Horn and followed the marked path.

On the path to Mosaksla

When it got steep, I found it very cumbersome to guide the dog up along the marked route and decided to look for a better alternative. A much better alternative was found at the bottom of the steep route, just slightly to the left of it.

Entering the steep section

Here we could ascend without any worry about the dog falling down. Why they didn’t mark THIS route instead, beats me.

View down the steep section

On our way up to the ridge (left)

When I got on the north ridge I decided to ascend via the northeast ridge – a route I’ve only done once before, but only on descent. I didn’t remember much of the details and so the rugged terrain stood out as brand new terrain.

The northeast ridge

I just had to figure out where our entry point would be…


I picked a route that wasn’t the easiest one, and I barely got Karma up.

Along a very cumbersome route…

But eventually, we were on the NE ridge and the terrain seemed easier.

All good from here on, right?

There were however small obstacles awaiting…

Hmm one more time…

Karma got her thirst satisfied along the way…

One of the best things about Norway – there is water almost everywhere…

An “interesting” detail was that I hadn’t brought my GPS and there was fog on the mountain. I decided to trust that there was cellphone coverage on top and that my cellphone map could help me if I got lost. There’s no path up the northeast ridge.

The upper part of the ridge

As the northeast ridge is a bit steep for a dog in one place, we had to “curve around” it and ended up in terrain where I’ve not been before. Bonus!

In new terrain!

It wasn’t all that easy to know in which direction we should go, in order to reach the top and so I had to take a look at my phone map and the coverage was excellent.

The theory “just keep going up” didn’t work all that well here…

And then we were up!

On top of Mosaksla

On our way down, we took the normal route along the north ridge.

Heading down the normal route. The NE ridge is to the right

The northeast ridge

At the trailhead, Anne was waiting for us. We were in touch when we left the top and so she knew roughly when she could expect us. As she had been on a long bike-trip, I offered her a lift back home…

The family back together again…

Trip statistics: 5,9km, 620 vertical meters, 2h:09m

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