Mosaksla, July 20 2018

Northern Norway, day 4

Today’s fun stuff

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Mofjellet (Mosaksla) 526m 448m Brønnøy, Norway

Continued from Gråfjellet, Furhatten and Mosaksla

Mosaksla (526m), July 20 2018

Very inspired by the fun ascent via Kjerringskardet the day before, I was in mood for more fun on the mightly Mosaksla (Mofjellet) mountain.

Mosaksla. The Nonsrabben ridge is the 2nd from the left.

Today, the goal was the Nonsrabben ridge (top picture), via Brennheia.

Mom – whom I was visiting in Brønnøysund – wasn’t overwhelmingly happy about the idea, but she has great confidence in my ability to move around in the mountains. I would not get stuck. Been there. Many years ago. Had to call mom (stuck and low on battery). Mom had to call the Police. Ain’t going to happen one more time.

I parked at Tilrem, after getting permission from the farmer. I explained my business and he got really interested. He told me that his kids (when they were young) went up there often, and there was one awkward point that I should expect. As I didn’t know anything about the route on beforehand, this was very inspiring!

After parking the car, I headed towards Brennheia. This was already rough terrain and I had to jump across a deep crack. I didn’t spend time looking for alternative routes.


My next goal was to get on the ridge proper. I stayed slightly to the left (wherever it was easiest) and followed a “corridor” to the point where I was forced to turn right.

The “corridor” and the place where I found a rope

Soon after, I ran into an obstacle where a fixed rope was in place. On first glance, this obstacle looked too trivial to warrant a rope, but when I got up to it, I was looking down into the abyss. That made the scramble way more serious. It was not a very hard move. I would rate it to YDS class 4, because I could see no easy way of getting down here without holding onto the rope. A good measure for YDS class 4 obstacles…

Looks easy enough, but there is a terrible gap in-between…

Once past this point, I was home free. There were no more obstacles on this ridge.

Moving on…

Of course, I didn’t know that, so the adrenaline remained at an enjoyable level, although I knew deep inside that this would be a straightforward hike. The fun part was behind me.

View down

Eventually, I topped out and got the summit in view.

The summit, ahead

At least, the view was better than the day before, when the nearby tops had fog on top.

View from Mosaksla. Andalshatten in center.

And of course – Brønnøysund’s pride and joy – Torghatten – with the famous hole straight through the mountain…


I decided to try on a different route down than the normal route from the day before. So I went for the northeast ridge.

The northeast ridge – never did this route before

After a while, I met a fellow hiker who wasn’t interested in a conversation…

Hey – wait up!

The northeast ridge was quite easy, although route finding was necessary.

View up the northeast ridge

At around 180m elev., the ridge divided into two parts. I got on the westernmost ridge after a steep descent.

Shifting ridge…

From here on, it was an easy walk down to the trailhead, where mom was waiting. Enough of Mosaksla for this time, but it was two really fun hikes!

The route

Trip statistics: 6,2km, 750 vertical meters, 2h:33m

Pictures from the hike:

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