Reinhausen, July 29 2023

Base-camp Kobbelv

Below Reinhausen, with Sørfjorden in the background


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
29.07.23 Reinhausen 744m 130m Sørfold, Norway MAP

Our route

Saturday: This morning, we took down our tent at the Geitvågen camping ground, just north of Bodø. Our next goal was Gasskatjåhkkå (1517m) in Sørfold, and for a while I thought this was the highest top in Hamarøy. But it turned out that after merging with Tysfjord, it was only #2.

Selling this idea to Anne wasn’t done in a second. None of us knew about this mountain, but I thought it would be cool to get a top on the east side of E6. We typically visit coastal tops. When I mentioned this was the highest top in Hamarøy, she got a bit more interested. And when she saw that there was a mountain road that would take us up to 550m elevation, she accepted this top as our next goal.

As it would take us some hours to get up there, we decided to look for a place to spend the night – preferably not too far from Gasskatjåhkkå. We were lucky and booked accommodation at Kobbelv Vertshus.

On our way to Kobbelv, with Gasskatjåhkkå in the background

But before we checked in at Kobbelv, we drove to the start of the Gjerdalen mountain road – just to verify that it was open.

Gjerdalen info board

We could only see Gasskatjåhkkå‘s western top – Litletinden – from here. But if this was the “little peak“, then I assumed we would not be disappointed…


When we concluded that the road was indeed open, we returned and checked into Kobbelv Verthus. I didn’t have too high expectations, especially since the parking and entrance were packed by tourists. But we got a nice room and they were serving lunch and dinner

Pictures of Gasskatjåhkkå on the wall only helped building up the excitement…

No doubt about which mountain matters in these parts…

The dog needed a walk and wouldn’t you know – there was a pf100 top in the neighbourhood – Reinhausen. Anne was saving her energy for the next day and so I took Karma to hike this mountain.

It was very practical with the “Reinhausen” signpost in the parking lot…

Good info!

We followed a gravel road up to a white house and a red barn…

The path starts just behind the house – which is hard to see here

…and found a signpost pointing us towards Reinhausen.


The first part of the path was just terrible. I couldn’t even see Karma in the high grass

Are you down there, Karma?

But soon the path tuned into a very nice forest path…


After a while, we got the mountain in view.

Rising above the forest

There was something odd about the signposts. The path seemed to run PAST the mountain, in the direction of the Swedish border. In the end, I had to leave the path and go off-trail, heading for the top.

Towards the top of Reinhausen

Just below the top, we found water so that Karma could satisfy her thirst. And she was thirsty! There was less water in this pond when we left than when we came…

Take your time. I’ll wait…

And then we were up! In the background, Gasskatjåhkkå dominated the view. I could not wait to get up there…

On top of Reinhausen

This was my new pf100 top #16 on this summer vacation. I was now going for 20. We had more than one week left of our vacation…

Panorama view from Reinhausen. Stauren in center

We followed the same route back down and as I thought Anne was chillin’ down by the fjord, we went down there. But she was nowhere to be seen.

By Sørfjorden

She was in the room and we went up there. After a shower, we were ready for dinner. The food was quite alright! We were both pretty excited about the hike the next day. We just had a feeling that this could be a very memorable hike…

Trip statistics: 9,2km, 735 vertical meters, 2h:36m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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