Ráhpesvárre, July 31 2023

A short visit to Sulitjelma



Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
31.07.23 Ráhpesvárre 940m 130m Fauske, Norway MAP

Our route

Monday: We checked out from Kobbelv Vertshus after the truly memorable hike to Gasskatjåhkkå. This was the final week of our vacation, and the plan was to return to Brønnøysund for a couple of days before moving on to Hov in Søndre Land.

But we were not in a hurry and as I never had been in Sulitjelma before, we checked if we could find accommodation for one night there. We did – and booked a cabin at Sulitjelma Turistsenter.

It was still early in the day, so we decided to drive up to Lomivatnet (~700m), high above Sulitjelma.

On our way to Lomivatnet, looking down on Sulitjelma

And wouldn’t you know – there was an easy pf100 top up there!

Ráhpesvárre ahead

We parked the car 1,1km northeast of the summit and headed out.

Setting out for Ráhpesvárre

It was truly nice to feel the breeze – in contrast to the super-hot days we had in Bodø.

Enjoying the blue sky, sunshine and a breeze…

Soon we got Blåmannsisen in view (top picture), and I immediately put it on my to-do list. The current list isn’t compatible with my time left for hiking on this earth, but…

It was nice just to wander around here…

Strolling around on Ráhpesvárre

And Karma found a tiny piece of snow and made well use of it…

Photo #1703 of Karma rolling on snow…

After a little while, the top came into view.

The top of Ráhpesvárre ahead

And then we were on another new pf100 top!

On top of Ráhpesvárre

Much higher on my to-do list is Suliskongen. We couldn’t see the king from the top, but the view towards Stortoppen and Vágŋatjåhkkå was good enough for us!

Stortoppen and Vágŋatjåhkkå

Should I put Stortoppen on my to-do list also? Hmm…


We took a different route down and were very happy with this nice and easy walk.

Returning to our trailhead

I called my mom on our way to Sulitjelma. She said I had to look up Cato A. Hultmann – an old friend of our family. I didn’t know that he lived here, but he had moved back home (from southern Norway) some years ago. I only had a vague memory of him. I hadn’t seen him in – what – 30-40 years? Checking with mom, it was 35. My parents and Cato go a long way back…

We located his house, rung the doorbell and his wife came out. Then Cato came out. He didn’t recognize me, of course. But when I said my name, he was truly surprised. Then – very happy and we had a long and nice chat outside, before he invited us into his office.

Visiting Cato A. Hultmann

Trying to list what he does and have been doing wouldn’t do him justice. But for starters – a journalist, writer, photographer, author of books, musician, and a true man of the wilderness.

Anne and Cato

After this visit, we drove up to Sulitjelma Turistsenter and checked into our rented cabin. We’ve rented better cabins in the past, but it was functionally OK (beds, toilet, shower). That is, the oven didn’t work and so we had to warm the pizza in another cabin (not rented out).

Chaos and order

At first glance, the inside of the car resembles chaos. But we (at least I) knew where every single item was located and there was great order within the chaos. After 2 weeks on the road, this still worked like a charm. Like, what to move when you need the bike, etc…

At Sulitjelma Turistsenter, looking back on Ráhpesvárre

Trip statistics: 3,5km, 250 vertical meters, 1h:12m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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