Junkerfjellet, Valviktinden, July 26 2023

Another memorable day in the Bodø mountains

My hike across “Mjeldetindan”


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
26.07.23 Junkerfjellet 283m 176m Bodø, Norway MAP
26.07.23 Valviktinden 780m 697m Bodø, Norway MAP
26.07.23 Breitinden 743m 57m Bodø, Norway MAP
26.07.23 Mjeldetinden 713m 29m Bodø, Norway MAP
26.07.23 Mulstrandtinden 721m 50m Bodø, Norway MAP

Junkerfjellet (283m)

The route

Wednesday: I was a happy dude when I woke up at Geitvågen in my “private chambers” in the new tent we purchased the day before. At the other end of the tent, Anne was gradually coming to life, while Karma looked at us both, from the “ballroom” between the bedrooms. Life on a camping ground wasn’t so bad after all!

During breakfast, we discussed what to do during the day. Anne wanted to go to the Mjelde beach, and I wanted to hike Valviktinden – the highest of the “Mjeldetindan” peaks. As these rugged peaks didn’t seem very dog-friendly, it was most practical if Anne brought Karma along.


But we also wanted to do a hike together and we found the perfect hike – up to Junkerfjellet – a pf100 top that none of us had been to.

We drove to the “Maskinisten” trailhead and headed out along a trail, assuming we would be guided upwards some way or the other.

Heading out from “Maskinisten” trailhead

After 350m, we turned left onto a valley trail that seemed to lead us straight to Junkerfjellet.

Along the valley route

When the trail turned into a forest path, it also got steep. I mean really steep!

Steep and hot at the same time…

It was nice to come out of the forest!

Above the forest

My main focus was the surrounding mountains

Sandhornet (left, visited in 2014) and Fugløya

But it was cool to have a city view also…


2,3km to the north was Keiservarden – which we visited in 2016.

Keiservarden (The Emperor’s cairn)

16km to the south/southeast was Per Karlsatind (visited in 2014) – and the other rugged Børvasstindan peaks.

Per Karlsatind to the right

Starting the day with a new top is my kind of start of a day…

On Junkerfjellet

We descended a different route

Descending Junkerfjellet

We felt we were totally alone in the Bodø forests today. Well, at least in THIS forest…

Utterly nice!

On the way back, we passed the Maskinisten Training Park. I really like this concept. Wish we had plenty more of them.

Training Park info

A morning walk here and 10-15 minutes in the park is probably just what the Doctor recommends…

Come on!

Trip statistics: 4,2km, 260 vertical meters, 1h:18m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Valviktinden (780m), Breitinden (743m), Mjeldetinden (713m), Mulstrandtinden (721m), July 26, 2023

The route

Wednesday: After a quick stop at our tent at Geitvågen, we drove in the direction of Mjelde – or Mjelle as the locals say. I always stick to the map names. Those who find my names spelled incorrectly should bring the matter to Statens Kartverk.

Anne dropped me off at “Innsvaet” – a popular climbing ground and then sat course for the beach.

At “Innsvaet”

I had been reading a number of trip reports from this route and the majority had lost the path and ended up in a real bush battle. I decided to have laser focus on the path to avoid adding to the statistics.

Below the climbing routes

The first part – along the climbing wall – was easy enough to follow.

So far, so good…

But when the terrain got rocky ahead of me, I lost sight of the path. I stopped to think what I would have done here, and I would have led people away from the wall and across easier terrain further west. And when I looked to the west, I found the path and it ran just where I would have wanted it to be.

Along the path, a bit away from the climbing area

I was so eager to get up on the mountain that I kept a much higher pace than I should, with this high temperature. I was almost out of steam halfway up the mountain.

Looking down towards Innsvaet

Across the valley was Steigtinden – high and mighty – and now “in the bag” after the hike the day before!


So far, this was absolutely dog-friendly terrain, but I was not even close to the steepest part yet.

At least, I now had the final gully in view

Above me was serious-looking cliffs

No short-cuts here…

Then it got quite steep, but not steeper than I’m used to back home, and I could still have brought the dog. Eventually I reached the point where the path enters the gully between Steigtinden and Litltinden.

Into the gully

The last part up to the ridge was easy and up to my right was Litltinden


…and up to my left was Valviktinden.


I had read that Litltinden was impossible to reach (without a rope) from here. I decided to find out why, as the first part looked easy.

After a short and easy scramble, I reached a point where it’s easier going up than coming down – a good reference to YDS class 4 terrain. If I were confident that this was the crux, then I would go for it. But without knowing what was higher up, I decided to focus on Valviktinden instead.

On my way up to Valviktinden, I could see a real problem higher up on the ridge to Litltinden and was glad that I didn’t go for any “committing moves” …

Oh, that gap in the ridge looks like a problem…

After a short hike up the ridge, I reached the top of Valviktinden and was super-excited!

Oh yeah!

The views were just phenomenal…

Iphone panorama (south) from Valviktinden

Canon panorama (north) from Valviktinden

Now what? I knew that there was a path from Mjeldetinden and down to Mjelde, via Aksla and Futskaret. Would I be able to follow the ridge all the way to Mjeldetinden? I would at least have to give it a try!

Breitinden to the right

The hike down from Valviktinden and up to Breitinden was super-easy.

Looking up Valviktinden

No difficulties whatsoever…

Across Breitinden

Things got a bit more interesting the closer to Mulstrandtinden I got. Was I really supposed to climb this top from the pass?

Trouble ahead? Mulstrandtinden in center

When I got close enough, I could see a vague path in truly exposed terrain. Made by either totally normal sheep/goats or crazy humans. I decided to try my luck on the grassy north side.

I chose to cut across Mulstrandtinden on the north side (right)

The route between Breitinden and Mulstrandtinden was quite fun and exposed!

Between Breitinden and Mulstrandtinden

Below was the Mjelde beach, but I was too high to be able to spot Anne and Karma.

The Mjelde beach. No wonder why it’s popular…

In the horizon was the Lofoten “wall”. An almost infinite string of wild and rugged peaks. Simply amazing to see!


To the west was the island Landegode – which we visited 2 days later and also hiked to the island high point.


I was now in the pass between Mulstrandtinden and Mjeldetinden. I could see someone on top of Mjeldetinden and went up there first – hoping to get some information about the route down to Mjelde.

On my way up Mjeldetinden, looking back on Mulstrandtinden and Breitinden

That “someone” was a woman who knows this area quite well and could confirm that the path down to Mjelde starts in the pass and that this route was frequently hiked.

Just as I left, two climbers came up from Mjeldetinden’s south face. I didn’t talk to them. Instead, I went down to the pass and up to Mulstrandtinden before turning back around.

At Mulstrandtinden, looking at Mjeldetinden

I soon caught up with the woman I had spoken to, and I suggested that we hiked together through the loose rock section. A much safer solution than being apart.

Descending from the pass below Mjeldetinden and Mulstrandtinden

So far, this had been a route where I could have brought the dog. But then we reached a tricky part of the route where I don’t think I would: a) have been able to assist the dog or b) let the dog find its own way. So, I was mighty glad that the dog wasn’t here with me. It would have been a bummer to have to turn around and go back the way we came.

Dogs have most likely been here before, but bringing one is not something I would recommend. Unless you can carry it in your backpack…

Once past the steep part, I stepped up the pace and jogged down the mountain. I passed several hikers – some on their way up and some on their way down – without having been up.

View up the mountain

When I reached the road, I continued jogging down to the beach and then Anne gave me a “where are you?” call. “1 minute away!”

Hi kiddo!

I learned that Anne had not been relaxing down by the beach but gone on a long walk along Urvika. Excellent! Then I didn’t have to walk the dog!

Mjeldetinden seen from the beach

We returned to Geitvågen and Anne went for a swim – with the Mjelde mountains – fittingly in the background. I was more tempted by a warm shower in the sanitary building…

Anne with Mjeldetindan in the background

It would give this day a 10/10. Just perfect!

Trip statistics: 7,4km, 1010 vertical meters, 3h:55m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from th
e hike:

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