Storegga, Blåfjell, Aug 20 2023

Back in the Nordfjordeid region

A mountainous region…


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
20.08.23 Storegga 968m 118m Stad, Norway MAP
20.08.23 Blåfjell 923m 99m Stad, Norway MAP
20.08.23 Point 936m 936m 61m Stad, Norway MAP

The route

Sunday: I was looking at the map to find an interesting hiking goal and ended up checking out the mountains north of Nordfjordeid. I was quite sure I had been to all the mountains with a prominence of 100 meters or more. Then I came across Blåfjell – which I hadn’t been to – and went … YES!

But let me first explain what prominence (aka primary factor, aka “pf”) really means:

You count the number of contours that completely encircles the mountain. If this number is equal to – or exceeds 100m, the mountain is considered as a proper mountain top. This applies to most countries outside the Himalayas and Andes – where the prominence has to be greater, maybe up to 400m. I’m not sure. This is de facto the only objective way to create a list of mountain tops.

On this picture, you can see the lowest contour completely encircling the mountain. This is the so-called “saddle”:

The arrow denotes where the prominence of Blåfjell ends

The rule can be described as: The mountain height *minus* the height of the lowest pass on the highest route towards a higher mountain.

So, when I looked at the map, I could see the map height of Blåfjell was 924m and that the 824m contour completely encircled the mountain. That’s 100 meters, and I promptly decided to drive down to Nordfjordeid!

I should have checked a little better, but more about that later…

I took the Volda – Folkestad ferry, and in Bjørkedalen I chose to drive the road across Bjørkedalseidet. It’s been quite a few years since I drove here the last time and the road was WAY smaller than I remembered it to be. But eventually, the Harpefossen ski-lift route that I had planned to hike, came into view.

My ascent route ahead…

I didn’t pay for the parking. I talked to some locals that told me that no one pays here in summer. I didn’t feel too bad, given that I had paid NOK 75, – in parking – for 5 minutes – at Ørsta Skisenter two days ago.

The ski-lift route seemed a little boring, but there was an adjacent path, which we followed.

Heading out for Storegga

I had been to Storegga twice before. The first time was on foot in Oct 2010 and the second time was on skis in Jan 2012 with Anne. When I spoke with Anne in the evening, she had no recollection of ever being on this mountain, and while I knew that I had hiked this mountain a long time ago, I had no recollection of skiing here. Either brain damage or too many hikes

On the path adjacent to the ski-lift route

Karma was still thirsty, way out the ordinary, and spent a good while in the river…


Eventually, we reached the top of the ski-lift and could set course for the upper part of Storegga.

The path to Storegga runs up on the right-hand side

High on the mountain, I noticed that I had lost my lens cap. Aargh! I *hate* losing things! But OK, another “write-off” …

Don’t mind daddy. He’s just angry with himself for losing things…

There were some cute details along the path…


There was also more water along the way…

Oh, come on!!!

And then we were on top of Storegga – Karma’s first visit here.

On top of Storegga

Next up was Blåfjell. A new pf100 top was awaiting!

Blåfjell next up

The descent down to the pass was fairly easy, and so was the ascent up to Blåfjell. I was super-happy when we reached the top!

On top of Blåfjell

It was also interesting to see mountains that I felt belonged to a completely different mountain region so close…

Blæja and Blæjeskardtinden

But now what? Should we return the way we came or do a full circle? I didn’t have to think long and hard about this…

We would descend straight down to lake Blåfjellvatnet, from where we would hike across the 936m top on our way back to the ski-lift.

Lake Blåfjellvatnet below with point 936m on the other side

We found a path leading up to point 936m.

Storegga and Blåfjell seen from point 936m

On our way back to the ski-lift, we hiked along lake Tjønndalsvatnet. When I passed the stone hut, the terrain looked very familiar. After thinking about it, Anne and I hiked Storetoren and Ljosuregga back in 2014!

Passing the stone cabin by lake Tjønndalsvatnet

At the south end of the lake Tjønndalsvatnet, we weren’t far away from the ridge we followed up to Storegga. I decided to go back up to the point where I realized that I had lost my lens cap. And after a few minutes, I found it!

Rain showers across Nordfjord

When I got back home later in the afternoon, I checked – a site I’ve recently discovered. The contours are supposed to be much more precise, from measuring heights with laser technology. And then I discovered that the mountain height wasn’t 924m, but 923,2m!

The height of Blåfjell

And while the “lowest point on the highest route to a higher mountain” was still 824m, this meant that the prominence of Blåfjell was 99m, not 100m.

The saddle towards the higher mountain Storegga

Oh well. It was a good try, and I certainly didn’t regret taking the trip…

Trip statistics: 10,7km, 935 vertical meters, 3h:07m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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