A biking week, until the weekend

Biking on Rotarystien, Hareidlandet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
28.08.23 Heida 239m 126m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
28.08.23 Lysløypa, Leikongeidet 160m 0m Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP
29.08.23 Rotarystien 50m 0m Hareid, Norway MAP
30.08.23 Ytrehovdåsen (Geitenakken) 170m 72m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
31.08.23 Rotevatnet Volda, Norway MAP
01.09.23 Mausavatnet Sula, Norway MAP
02.09.23 Skårasætra 1176m 78m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
03.09.23 Litlehornet 1176m 78m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
03.09.23 Skåranakken 602m 13m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP

Heida (239m) & Lysløypa (Leokongeidet), Aug 28 2023

My route

Monday: The day started with handing Karma over to the Veterinarian for an operation on her tail. I sat by her until she slept, then returned to work.

I picked Karma up a few hours later and she was highly disoriented. From experience, I knew it would take her all day to recover. As such, no hiking for her today.

What happened?

So, I planned to go for a jog in the forest, but first – a warm-up hike to Heida.

I had forgotten how incredibly wet and muddy this path is, after rain. But I was here now, so I’d better see it through. I had clean socks and jogging shoes in the car…

On top of Heida

After the hike, I had jogging shoes on, ready for my 3rd run in two weeks. As I’ve written before, the plan was to start nice and easy and gradually let the body adjust, up to run #10. Then I would double the lap distance 10 times before I started to run mountains again.

Already after 2 minutes, I felt that there was something wrong in my left leg. Somewhere near the Soleus or Gastrocnemius. Right where they discovered 4 blood clots a couple of years ago. That made me a little nervous, but not a lot – as I was already on medication.

When I reached the turnaround point at Leikongeidet, I could not run anymore. I couldn’t walk properly either. I had to limp back down. I was not happy.

Not a happy dude

The 2km back to the car felt like 10…

Got 2km of limping ahead of me…

Heida: Trip statistics: 3km, 190 vertical meters, 0h:35m
Jog: Trip statistics: 4km, 140 vertical meters, 0h:32m

Rotarystien (on bike), Aug 29 2023

Our route

Tuesday: The immense pain in my leg disappeared over night, but I didn’t want to take a chance of hiking again so soon. So, I decided that I would stick to the bike until Saturday, when Anne and I were going on a hike in the mountains.

Today, I chose to pay a revisit to Rotarystien – a nice path between lake Snipsøyrvatnet and Hareid.

On Rotarystien

No wonder it’s a popular path. Karma was her usual self again, and I enjoyed being back on the bike, although the speed was, like, 2km/h…

It would have been GREAT if this was a round-trip route. But alas, the return would be along roads.

Crossing Hareidselva river

At the end of the trip, we stopped by Kaldholelva, where Karma could satisfy her thirst.

Kaldholelva. Karma to the right

I had some problems with recording the GPS track at the beginning of this trip, and so I took an extra loop after putting Karma into the car.

This time I discovered a forest road on the east side of lake Grimstadvatnet. Which was today’s bonus…

View from lake Grimstadvatnet

Trip statistics: 11,4km, 165 vertical meters, 1h:11m

Ytrehovdåsen (170m), Hovdevatnet (on bike), Aug 30 2023

Our route

Wednesday: Today, I chose to hike around lake Hovdevatnet. I could have made things easier for myself by sticking on roads where biking is easy. But I chose to bike across Ytrehovdåsen. The terrain wasn’t always easy – for my bike and my biking skills. I had to get off the bike on a couple (++) occasions…

Biking on Ytrehovdåsen. Lake Hovdevatnet to the right.

The plan was to bike through Ytrehovd, and I started doing so. But then I stopped and asked a guy if I could get to the lake a bit further south. I could, the guy told me.

So, we went down to Hovden Møbel where I made a poor route decision and went through terrible terrain, with the bike on my shoulder. The only upside was that my leg felt quite OK. But eventually, we reached the lake.

By lake Hovdevatnet

We stopped by the “Gapahuk” (lean-to shelter) and enjoyed the mighty fine view towards Helgehornet and Liadalsnipa.

View towards Helgehornet and Liadalsnipa

Here, Karma had the chance to study a pair of ducks swimming by. She had never been this close to ducks before and I could see she was struggling between – ignore, study or kill. “Kill” was of course never an option with daddy watching, but she chose the peacefully option – “study”.

Karma – studying ducks

Altogether a very nice trip around lake Hovdevatnet!

Trip statistics: 13,9km, 345 vertical meters, 1h:32m

Volda (on bike), Aug 31 2023

Our route

Thursday: The plan was just to bike around lake Rotevatnet in Volda. I looked forward to checking out the popular trail near the sports field. I had never been to that part of the lake before.

Where we started our trip

Soon enough, we were on the road on the south side of the lake, where we’ve walked many times after hiking across Rotsethornet.

By lake Rotevatnet

Karma was still unusually thirsty. It’s a concern, but we’ve not been able to figure out why. But here, she could drink all she wanted.

Karma takes her time…

After passing the golf course, the plan was to turn left and followed the sidewalk back to the car. But in the very last minute, I changed the plan and decided to go up to Reset instead – hoping to come across some new paths along the way. It didn’t take long before we were on paths I’d never been on before.

A new path is always a bonus!

We then got on the road(s) leading us to Reset and the foot of the slalom hill.

Aiming for the slalom hill

From Reset, we followed the gravel road to the Panoramavegen road. I really wanted to check out the new biking trail, but preferably not with the dog…

Looks nice! Some other day, though…

We continued along Panoramavegen until I changed my mind and went back to the beginning of it, where we descended a really steep path. It was so steep that I didn’t have the guts to stay on the bike.

Along Panoramavegen

A really nice round-trip!

Volda view from Panoramavegen

Trip statistics: 13,9km, 450 vertical meters, 2h:00m

Around Mausavatnet (on bike), Sep 1 2023

Our route

Friday: We had to go to Ålesund today, as the Vet would check out how Karma’s operation wound was doing. It was doing well!

On the way home, I was totally lacking inspiration to anything other than driving straight home.

But I had to give the dog a walk and stopped by lake Mausavatnet – as there is a short and nice loop around the lake. I was familiar with most of it but had never done the full circle before.

By lake Mausavatnet

There isn’t much exciting to report from this trip. Thirsty Karma had plenty of access to water…

Go ahead! I’ll wait…

On one of her drinking stops, the water was deeper than she had expected, and she went for an ultra-short swim. Which daddy didn’t like, given her operation wound. I didn’t want bacteria in that wound! Fortunately, it went well…

No, no, no!!!

Trip statistics: 3,5km, 70 vertical meters, 0h:26m

Skårasætra, Litlehornet, Sep 2-3 2023

Approaching Skårasætra, with Litlehornet towering above

Saturday/Sunday: This trip is featured on a separate post

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