Njallavárddo, Aug 1 2023

Another Norway/Sweden border top in the bag…

On top of Njallavárddo


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
01.08.23 Njallavárddo 795m 120m Saltdal, Norway/ Arjeplog, Sweden MAP

Our route

Tuesday: We checked out from Sulitjelma Turistsenter in the morning, after hiking Ráhpesvárre and a good night’s sleep.

Checking out from Sulitjelma Turistsenter

Back on the E6, we had to figure out where to “walk the dog”. After checking the map, we found that Njallavárddo on the Norwegian/Swedish border was an interesting top. We sort of had started to collect these country border tops. The weather wasn’t great, but we would always survive a reasonably short hike in rain, and especially at this modest altitude.

It was a bit of a detour, from the E6 to the Swedish border – somewhere between 20 and 30km. But worth it, in order to get another border top.

Our first thought was to hike from Graddis Fjellstue, but then Anne found a better alternative – from where Graddisveien meets Skaitiveien. There was a myriad of paths on the map, and they would surely give us a good start.

This route started by crossing the Knallerdalelva river on a bridge. Karma was doing her best to get in balance with the – slightly swaying – bridge.

Anne, crossing Knallerdalelva

The paths were good. We just followed whatever path that seemed to go in the direction of the mountain.

Just aiming for the mountain…

We didn’t mind the (light) rain at all…

Good spirit!

Eventually, we got on the main trail – to Mjøna-parten, which we followed for a while. This trail would take us into Sweden, so we had to go off-trail before reaching the border.

On the marked trail

After a while, the summit cairn came into view.

Almost there!

And then we reached our 4th border top in the last year. Elgklinten and Heiberget (Åsnes / Värmlands län) in 2022 and Finnvola (Verdal/ Åre) and Njallavárddo (Saltdal / Arjeplog) in 2023. It’s not as we’re targeting border tops, but if we’re passing by, then…

On top of Njallavárddo

We took the same route back and, in the distance, I could see Solvågtinden – VERY HIGH on my to-do list. Next time…

View towards Solvågtinden

When we got to the bridge, Karma had gotten the “hang of it.”

Karma – crossing the Knallerdalelva river

After changing into dry clothes, we moved on – destination Brønnøysund. But we had one more stop to do, and that was to see if my uncle and auntie were home – in Mo I Rana. We stopped by on our way north, but they were not home then. This has become a nice annual visit.

Uncle Erland and auntie Lillian

They always have something tasty to put on the table…

Karma has laser focus on the cake…

Filled up with cake, we left Mo I Rana and reached my mom’s place in Brønnøysund late in the afternoon.

Trip statistics: 5,9km, 345 vertical meters, 1h:37m

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