Gransjøberget, Elgklinten, Heiberget, July 12 2022

Summer holiday, day 9 – Nor/Swe border

Hiking on the Norwegian – Swedish border


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
12.07.22 Gransjøberget 603m 106m Torsby, Sweden
12.07.22 Elgklinten 634m 165m Åsnes, Norway / Torsby, Sweden
12.07.22 Heiberget 605m 110m Torsby, Sweden

Continued from day 8


Our route to Gransjøberget

Tuesday: We left Årnes after breakfast and sat course for the Swedish border east of Flisa. I wanted to start my vacation in Norway with 3 tops along the Norwegian – Swedish border. Fortunately for me, Anne supported my wish. Besides, the weather in northern Norway was crap and so this year also we were going to hang around in eastern Norway until the weather up north improved.

From Finnskogvegen, we got on to Peistorpvegen, and after lake Tysken we turned right onto Damsbergvegen before turning left on Kilbonvegen. We followed this road all the way to Bråten (end of the road) where we found the Finnskogleden signpost.

Our hike began here

We followed a vague but marked path up the forest – all the way to the Rr 93A marker.

The country border marker on Gransjøberget

Upon closer inspection, we found that the high point was actually inside Sweden. More precisely – 500m northeast of the border. It was just a matter of setting the course and hike off-trail until we got to the unmarked top. Nearby, we found a star painted on a tree and we assumed this was some kind of Swedish symbol for nature preserve.

On top of Gransjøberget

It was a bit fun. We arrived from Greece the day before and now – back in Norway – we continued to bag tops abroad!

Trip statistics: 2,9km, 100 vertical meters, 1 hour
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Elgklinten & Heiberget

Our hike across Elgklinten and Heiberget

Tuesday: We could have hiked Elgklinten from Gransjøberget, along the border path. But we decided to find another trailhead so we could also include Heiberget on the hike.

We drove back to Peistorpvegen, turned north and took a gravel route southeast from between Venbakken and Mobråten. We followed this road until we reached the general parking at Pålsmyra, just before the gate.

The Pålsmyra trailhead

On foot, we followed the road until the first fork, turned left and passed “Klintkoia”. At the next fork, we turned right and then immediately turned left onto the forest path.

On the forest path

We met a group of hikers coming down the mountain. Clearly, this is a popular top!

Going up…

After 1,2km on the forest path, we reached the Rr 94 cairn, marking the Norwegian-Swedish border.

On top of Elgklinten

The path we could have followed from Gransjøberget was easy to spot. Still glad we found the new trailhead…


But Heiberget was also on our todo list. Which meant we would have to follow a similar path in the opposite direction.

Heading for Heiberget

The walk to Heiberget wasn’t nearly as fun as hiking Elgklinten, but hey – it would be a new border top.

On the border high point. No marker here.

On that note – we didn’t find any border marker on Heiberget. We had to look at the map with a finer grain and noticed that the high point was 142m to the northwest. The hill inside Sweden (605m) was 1m higher than the country border. OK, so now had one more top “abroad”. Cool!

Heiberget in the bag!

From Heiberget, we followed the border path down the first hill. Then we stumbled around in the forest trying to find a tractor road that the map promised us. Eventually we found it and followed it 2,3km back to the car.

Returning to Pålsmyra

We were now done hiking for the day. Any attempt to find accommodation in these parts was futile. Apparently, there was a big happening in the area and people w/dogs had occupied every cabin around.

We then called Færder Camping in Flisa. They had a cabin for us. Without toilet & shower, but that could be found in the sanitarian building. The cabin had the basic stuff. A bunk bed, a fridge, a table and … ONE chair. I went up to the reception and asked for another. It arrived after a while. But it never came to use. Anne was comfortable in her bunk bed, reading her book.

Life on the road…

The restaurant was closed, but they could proudly offer the fast-food shop on the premises. At least, we could enjoy eating by the Glomma river.

It’s a long way from Kalypso in Nydri (Greece) to here, but we are good at adapting…

30 minutes before closing time (7pm!), the place got suddenly crowded. The new guests clearly had a taste for American vintage cars…

A bunch hungry folks arrived late…
A good taste in cars!

I didn’t have time to get bored. There was another crisis at work and I had to log on and help out…

Trip statistics: 7,1km, 300 vertical meters, 2h:38m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Continued on day 10

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