Kjølaberget, Månsæterkletten, Kaltberget, July 13 2022

Summer holiday, day 10 – Glåmdalen & Østerdalen

Some nice hikes in Glåmdalen & Østerdalen today


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
13.07.22 Kjølaberget 434m 240m Åsnes, Norway
13.07.22 Månsæterkletten 884m 206m Stor-Elvdal, Norway
13.07.22 Kaltberget 952m 142m Tynset, Norway

Continued from day 9

Kjølaberget (434m)


Wednesday: Transport Day: Flisa – Stav Hotel (outside Trondheim).

The stay at Færder camping at Flisa was OK, but nothing more. We were happy to soon be on our way again. We had already agreed to do a morning hike to the local top Kjølaberget. But first, Anne had to take her morning swim…

Karma and daddy has the wisdom to stay warm and dry

We drove up to Kongelbæk where we found the Kjølaberget trailhead.

Kjølaberget trailhead at Kongelbæk

The path up the mountain was nice and we observed several possible variations to the route to the top.

On our way to Kjølaberget

The top consisted of an antenna and very limited views. We took the same route down and drove north along RV2, in order to get onto RV3 at Elverum.

On Kjølaberget

Trip statistics: 2,6km, 160 vertical meters, 50 mins
Pictures (Canon EOS RP)/Iphone 13 Pro Max from the hike:

Månsæterkletten (884m)


Still Wednesday: From Flisa, we drove to Koppang where I suggested that we should hike Månsæterkletten. Based on the map, we could drive a long way along forest roads and have an easy hike to the top.

We took the exit just after Tresa bru and followed the Tresdalsveien gravel road (toll) past Mytingbua before getting ontå Bråtålivegen. We followed this all the way to the Månsætervegen fork (N61.63756 E10.98521) and parked there. We could have driven all the way to Månsætra, but a) we had to pay extra and b) it is only 1,4km up. And when we got to Månsætra – c) they don’t want people to park there.

On our way to Månsætra and Månsæterkletten

At Månsætra we found a signpost pointing towards the mountain top.

At Månsætra

The forest part was nice.

Through the forest…

After a 0,9km hike from Månsætra, we reached the cabin on top. This used to be a fire lookout cabin and inside we found all sorts of old technology. Quite fascinating!

On top of Månsæterkletten
Anne examines the “museum”
Generations of technology…

While Anne got lost in old items, I enjoyed the views

View from Månsæterkletten

We returned the same way we came but decided to drive on the east side of Glomma River up to Atna. After a while, this road turned into a gravel road but still OK. We killed time by listening to the “Drivkraft” podcast.

Trip statistics: 4,7km, 275 vertical meters, 1h:16m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Kaltberget (952m)


Still Wednesday: We continued up to Yset (Kvikneskogen) where Kaltberget would be our third and final hike for the day.

We drove up to Grøtlia and from Grøtliveien we found the Gruvfjellveien (toll) road. We parked by Kamsteinen (N62.55883 E10.37323)

Our trailhead

From the trailhead, we had a nice hike up through the birch forest until we eventually rose above it.

On our way to Kaltberget

Like on Månsæterkletten, there was also a cabin on top of Kaltberget but apparently without any other purpose to provide shelter.

On Kaltberget
The cabin on top

After a short stay, we returned the way we came and continued northbound. So far, we had been quite lucky with the summer holiday weather.  

I guess the mindset was that THIS SUMMER we would NOT spend the night on Stav Hotel outside Trondheim, but guess where we ended up…

At Stav Hotel

The hotel did no longer serve dinner, so we had to settle for burgers at the nearby gas station. I felt I had stayed at this hotel while passing through, ALL my life. But the reality is closer to 30 years. I like this place. We always got a room and dogs are welcome.

Trip statistics: 4,2km, 220 vertical meters, 1h:02m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Continued on day 11

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