Heggeberget, Mar 19 2016

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Heggeberget 935m 172m Øystre Slidre

This was the first trip Anne and me did on our 2016 easter vacation. The plan was to ski Galden near Lake Tyin, but the wind was too strong to tempt us. We decided to ski a lower mountain and found the Heggeberget was a good candidate.

Raudbergkammen near Tyin – visited in 2014. Too windy up here now.

From RV51, we took the Robøle exit and after 1,2km, we took the Bergabygda exit. 0,6km later, we reached a junction where we went right. We drove 1,3km in the direction of Lake Søre Vindin until we reached a toll road. Not quite knowing where we should start, we paid the toll fare (NOK 60,-) and drove on. After just 0,4km we noticed tracks into the forest and agreed to start our trip here.

Ready for Heggeberget

The tracks turned out to be from snow shows and not skis. Either way, they were sent from heaven. If we stepped outside the tracks, we had snow up to our knees but the track was hard as ice. The trail led us up to Lake Svartetjernet were we met a man who was out for fishing on the frozen lake.

Across Lake Svartetjernet

We crossed the lake and followed the forest up to what was obviously the high point. There was little too be seen because of the forest, but when we moved over to the top of the cliff, we found both views and a “moose bedroom”.

We took the same route down and continued up to Beitostølen where we checked into hotel Radisson Blu. Having “bagged a peak” on our way there, in addition to the nice weather made an excellent start to our easter vacation.

Trip statistics:

4,7km, 220 vertical meters, 1h:25m.

Pictures from the trip:


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