Summer vacation: July 18 2017

Lake Femunden, day 2

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Gutulivola 949m 159m Engerdal
Jyltingsvola 874m 125m Engerdal
Reindeer country…

Continued from July 17

Today, Anne and I headed to the Gutulia national park – Norway’s smallest national park, located only 5km away from Femundsmarka national park and located very close to the Swedish border.

Inside Gutulia national park

Our main goal was the top Gutulivola (949m). To get there, Anne would kayak (minding an inflammation in her knee) over lake Gutulisjøen, while Karma and I would walk along the shore to Gutulisetra – an old summer farm, nowadays open and manned in summer to welcome tourists and hikers.

Anne is heading for Gutulisetra – at the far end of the lake

The hike along the shore was 2,7km and it took us 35 minutes (in a very nice pine forest) to get to Gutulisetra. Anne had been waiting approx. 15 minutes, and we went together up to the manned cabin. We had a nice chat with the woman manning the hut and said we would come back for coffee and “lapper” later on.

At Gutulisetra

The hike up to Gutulivola was approx. 3km, and we followed a path up from Gutulisetra. We hadn’t even made it to the forest before we had to seek shelter from a rain shower in one of the uppermost buildings. We were grateful that the building was open for visitors…

Heading out from Gutulisetra – seconds before the rain shower hit us…

After the rain shower had passed, we continued into the pine forest, along a narrow, yet very visible path.

Into the pine forest

The path vanished when we rose above the tree line, but then no path was needed either. We aimed for the highest point in we could see.

Above the forest, aiming for the top of Gutulivola

It took us almost 1 hour (including the time spent in shelter) to reach the top. Part of the views were obscured by rain showers, but it was still a nice view. And just enough wind to keep the insects away.

On top of Gutulivola

Upon descent, we took a short-cut and joined our ascent route somewhere down in the forest and then returned to Gutulisetra. It was now raining more and more often, so we had to enjoy our coffee and “lapper” inside the cabin.

Spoiling ourselves back at Gutulisetra

I had one more thing I wanted to do – to hike Jyltingsvola (874moh) – a relatively short hike from Gutulisetra. I said goodbye to Anne, who would stick around for a little longer before she got into the kayak.


After crossing the bridge across river Gutua, we (Karma and I) headed straight up to point 843m. From here, we could see the summit 0,6km to the south.

View towards Jyltingsvola from point 843m

Approx. 40 minutes after leaving Gutulisetra, we reached the top. I actually thought the high point was where the cairn was – another 150m to the southeast, but it turned out that the high point was where I first thought it was.

Karma on the Jyltingsvola cairn (not the high point). More rain coming in…

From the summit, I took a bearing to the northwest and joined the lake path 0,9km east of the trailhead. The terrain was at time cumbersome and rain showers kept hitting us.

Looking back on Gutulisetra

Anne was nowhere to be seen, so I had to sit down and wait. After a little while, I could see her in my 300mm zoom lens. And a little bit later, she cruised in, safe and sound. The lake was a bit rugged, so she decided to follow the shore.


It was fun to have “checked” yet another national park, and not to mention two new tops. And this was the day we got acquainted with the local reindeer (tame). They quickly changed status from “interesting” to “pain in the ass”. More on that later on…

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