Summer vacation: July 18 2017

Lake Femunden, day 2

Continued from July 18

Lomtjønna, 693m

After having visited the Gutulia national park, we drove back to the cabin at Femundtunet, had dinner, relaxed and got a bit restless in the evening. It was a gorgeous evening and I proposed a bike trip into the pine forest. We had noticed a nice trail going from Femundtunet, and by the looks of it, we could bike it for a while. So we went out to explore.

A very bikeable trail…

After a little while, the trail got a bit bumpy, but it was still fun to bike. What we had planned to be a very short “walking the dog” thing suddenly got extended to a bike trip to lake Lomtjønna.

The “gapahuk” at Lomtjønna

Bu now, we understood that we were halfway on a round trip (marked “KMT“), so we continued in the direction of Drevsjø until we reached a forest road that we followed north/northeast. A bit later on, we went back into the forest and followed a trail that led us back to Femundtunet.

A great evening ride

The forest trip was 9,1km and Anne had never biked off-trail like this. And Karma got the greatest evening walk ever…

Trip tracks

Pictures from the trip: 

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