Storhovda, Sep 17 2020

Going to eastern Norway

On Storhovda, Hemsedal
Tops and places visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location
Storhovda 1075m 107m Hemsedal, Norway
Tandbergfjellet 276m 133m Nes, Norway

Storhovda (1075m), Sep 17 2020

Our route up and down Storhovda

Thursday: Today, I would drive Anne to Årnes in eastern Norway, where she would spend the weekend with a friend before traveling to Lofoten on a work trip.

When we passed Hemsedal, it was time to walk the dog and we found a convenient forest top with superb views that none of us had been to before – Storhovda. Or – Storhøvda, as the signpost stated.

We parked at Gravset and followed Gravsetvegen forest road upwards.

On our way to Storhovda

We followed this road until we reached some buildings, and according to the map, the road continued on the other side, but we couldn’t see any road there.

Forest path begins here

Not that it mattered, as we were heading up the nice forest path.

On the forest path to Storhovda

We had a nice walk up the birch forest until we got some grand views just before the top.

On top of Storhovda

Right then and there I got a huge inspiration to visit more of the Hemsedal mountains. Little did I know that that would happen only two days later!

View from Storhovda

On the way down, we stopped by Stakkestøhovda – a small top just east of Storhovda.

On our way to Stakkestøhovda

We chose to get to Årnes via Hønefoss, which meant that we would pass through Flå in Hallingdal. There, we stopped to stretch our legs and grab a bite. And perhaps a quick toilet visit? But the toilet by the church was only open on ecclesiastical happenings. Folding hands simply didn’t cut it…


Trip statistics: 4,2km, 300 vertical meters, 1h:20m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP / Iphone8) from the hike:

Tandbergfjellet (276m), Sep 17 2020

The “route” to and from Tandbergfjellet

Still  Thursday: As we were approaching Årnes, I noticed that Tandbergfjellet had a couple of interesting features: 1) It had a primary factor > 100m and as such – of interest and 2) it would be a 2-minute walk. A perfect “bonus top”.

On our way to Rånåsfoss – Tandbergfjellet comes into view

We followed the road to the very top of Aulifeltet near Rånåsfoss. It took us actually 3 whole minutes to reach the top.

Heading out

But when we arrived at our friends’ place in Årnes some minutes later, I was more happy than usual just because of this bonus top. And yes, I know how weird that sounds. But, we are who we are…

On top of Tandbergfjellet

Trip statistics: 0,3km, 20 vertical meters, 8 minutes

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