Kinnfokfjellet, Sep 16 2020

Vacation week is on!

Kinnfokfjellet (at least the lower part) seen from Lusterfjorden
Tops and places visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location
Børesteinen 985m Luster, Norway
Kinnfokfjellet 1406m 366m Luster, Norway
Fjøsnenosi 1306m 39m Luster, Norway

Wednesday: After working the first two days of my final vacation week, it was time to log out from work and enjoy the beautiful weather in Indre Sogn. The plan was clear – Kinnfokfjellet from Berge. And possibly Hornanosi too. There’s nothing better than starting the vacation with a new top.

My route across Kinnfokfjellet and Fjøsnenosi

My starting point was Berge – approx. 370m above Lustrafjorden. The road was free of charge, but there was a parking fee (NOK 50,-) which I gladly paid.

Børesteinen seen from the Berge trailhead

The path went steeply up the forest and after a while we reached Ferestad. From here, I could see Børesteinen above.


The path now left the ridge and curved around Børesteinen, leading us to the river. The last part up to Børesteinen had one section that some would feel a bit awkward. But there is an alternative (and most likely easier) route, denoted by a signpost.   

Not far to Børesteinen now

By the time we reached the top of Børesteinen, something had happened to my camera settings and the rest of the pictures got a weird color. I’ve tried to fix whatever I could, but they still look weird.

Karma on Børesteinen

Børesteinen is a typical “selfie point“, but this was not our main goal and we continued up the mountain.

Moving on…

Initially, we followed a path but lost it after a while and didn’t bother looking for it. The terrain was very easy to hike off-trail in.

Easy terrain

There was a very strong and cold wind on the mountain. Which was a shame, as I had (possibly) planned to hike Hornanosi (1496m) also. But in this wind, that was not an option. Karma didn’t seem to be too bothered about the cold wind…


The view towards the Hurrungane group was plain nice!

View towards Hurrungane

Eventually, we reached the top. Another needle on my map!

On top of Kinnfokfjellet

Lots of great views from up here!

The peaks surrounding Leirvassbrean and Smørstabbrean

But, the farmer at Berge told me when I arrived there that Fjøsnenosi was a much better viewpoint. I had no idea where Fjøsnenosi was, but I reckoned it had to be point 1306m above Lustrafjorden. So that’s where we headed next.

Karma enjoyed herself up here…

And sure enough, Fjøsnenosi was a great viewpoint!

On Fjøsnenosi

We looked straight down on Skjolden – the innermost village in Lustrafjorden, and could see the fjord all the way to Haugemelen!

View from Fjøsnenosi

Not only did we get fjord views, Hurrungane was even closer now!

Ringstindane and Austabotntindane

For our return, we stuck to the edge of the mountain before it was time to set the course towards Børesteinen and descend our ascent route.

More fjord views…

Trip statistics: 14,2km, 1130 vertical meters, 4h:42m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP (this time with bad colors) / Iphone8) from the hike:

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