Nuken, Sep 14 2020

At least, some kind of vacation…

The route from Åsen to Nuken
Tops and places visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location
Nuken 919m 126m Sogndal, Norway

Monday: The first day of my last vacation week, and I ended up working. There was a workshop I didn’t want to miss out of, and besides – the weather did not invite for any hiking – neither in Sogndal nor anywhere else nearby.

After work, I had to walk the dog and chose to hike Nuken from Åsen. Normally, I don’t do separate blog posts on my local walks, whether it’s back home on Sunnmøre or here in Sogndal. But, as the rest of the week will be separate posts, this becomes one as well.

The trailhead had a new face-lift since the last time I was here. Welcomed, as earlier I had to lift the dog across a fence to get started.  

The Åsen trailhead

The trailhead is quite high  – approx. 650m, so a hike to Nuken from Åsen isn’t a huge achievement. But, on days like this – it feels just right…

Will vs. comfort: 1-0

I had a faint hope that perhaps we could get over the fog, but no. Instead, I enjoyed work in progress with respect to the path.

The path is getting better

Hopefully, the next time I do this walk – the walkways are complete. I know it’s a lot of effort, so thanks to the ones spending their free time up here, doing this work.

Unfinished walkways ahead

And then we reached the top. Me, for the 13th time. Karma is a few ones behind.

On top of Nuken

I noticed on the way down that the weather was getting a bit “lighter“, and I was maybe doing the hike a little early

Back in Sogndal. The weather has improved!

Trip statistics: 5,7km, 340 vertical meters, 1h:20m

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