Sollia and Rjåhornet, Oct 20 2016

“Turstiprosjektet” making progress…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP GPX
Sollia 660m 660m Herøy / Sande WCP GPX
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy WCP
A wonderful afternoon on Sollia, just before sunset

Turstiprosjektet Myrvåg/Tjørvåg” is a group of 6 volunteers which has been developing hiking trails on the north side of Gurskøya for the last 2 years. We have received money from “Gjensidigestiftelsen“, which has been spent on hundreds of reflective sticks, signposts and boards. We have marked approx. 40km of hiking trails – some already well worn and some brand new. The response has been overwhelming, and served as great inspiration.

In phase 1 (2015), we put up 80 signposts. In phase 2 (2016), we ordered 30 more. We have put up more than 700 sticks, all (soon) reflective.

On this afternoon, the goal was to put signposts on Sollia (the highest peak on Gurskøya) and Rjåhornet. The team consisted of Johnny – our #1 handyman, Arne, his son Jan Arne, Linda and me. And Karma, of course..

Johnny @work on Sollia

Previously, I had carried a digging bar, a sledgehammer and two poles from Moltudalen and up to Sollia. So today’s load was fairly light. I volunteered to carry the drilling machine and some other gear. I think of it as free exercise..

We stil had daylight when we arrived on Sollia, after 2,3km of hiking from Moltudalen. We put up two poles on Sollia, one for the mailbox and one for the signposts.

Mailbox – check!

It was quite odd to watch Karma sit so close to the drilling machine. The noise didn’t affect her at all!

Karma is not affected by the noise…

When we had completed the job on Sollia, it was dark and headlamps were turned on.

Leaving Sollia

We now had a 4,2km hike to Rjåhornet ahead of us. With reflective sticks, the hike was quite easy although the backpack was slightly heavier. In addition to the drilling machine, I was also carrying the sledgehammer.

We had a fun moment in the last hill up to Rjåhornet. Halfway up the hill, Johnny commented that “this hill never seems to end“. He was looking up the hill and there was reflective sticks as far as the eye could see. I informed Johnny that 5 were real sticks, the rest was stars

We arrived on Rjåhornet just past 8pm and put up a new pole on the cairn, before we moved 300m to the east and put up a pole with 3 signposts.

The new pole on Rjåhornet

At 9:20pm, our work on Rjåhornet was completed and we could begin our descent to Stemmedalsvatnet. This route is also marked with reflective sticks, so the descent was quite easy in the dark.

We arrived at the waterworks building in Stemmedalen at 10:30pm – 5,5 hours after leaving Moltudalen. We were picked up there and brought back to Moltudalen where we had our cars. It was close to 11:30pm when I stumbled in the door – fairly tired after a long afternoon.

Our route from Moltudalen (closest) to Stemmedalen

Pictures from the hike: 

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