Melshornet, Oct 16 2016

A nice round trip across the Ørsta-Volda city mountain

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location Link
Melshornet 807m 564m Ørsta/ Volda GPX WCP
Vardehornet 600m 60m Ørsta/ Volda
Niven 561m 78m Ørsta
The view from “Pølsa” is the highlight of this round trip

The round trip hike from Rystefeltet, across Okla, Melshornet and Vardehornet is a hike I’ve done only once before, but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted Anne to come along for this hike. The route would be slightly extended as I also wanted to visit Niven – where I hadn’t been before.

The round trip hike from Rystefeltet

To get to the Rystefeltet trailhead, exit from Voldavegen towards Rystefeltet (signpost) just southwest of Ørsta. Turn right onto Leitevegen. After a sharp left turn, continue on Oklavegen and turn right onto Osskarvegen – which you follow all the way up to the parking.

From the Osskarvegen trailhead, we followed the forest road past the gate for 130 meters, then we turned left and followed the forest path. The path crosses the forest road one more time before it follows Oselva river into Osdalen. A lot of effort has been put into building this path. Kudos to the volunteers!

Heading into Osdalen. Niven up the right

Once into Osdalen, the path turns northeast and runs steeply up Okla and to the pennant called Pølsa (the sausage). From here, you’ll get a fantastic view towards Ørsta (ref. the top picture).

As expected, Anne enjoyed this hike. We continued along the edge, towards Melshornet and continuously overlooking Ørsta.  The last part up to Melshornet is a bit steep, but the path takes you safely up the hillside.

From “Pølsa” on Okla, towards Melshornet

On Melshornet, the summit cairn attracts your attention, but the high point is located 50m to the south.

The Melshornet summit cairn

The view from the summit is just great. You’ll see a vast number of sharp Sunnmøre alps on the west side of the Hjørundfjord, in addition to the greater Volda and Vanylven peaks.

Ørsta view from Melshornet

From Melshornet, we followed the southwest ridge down to the dam by lake Dinglavatnet. Then we continued up to Vardehornet (Litlehornet) – 600m.

Descending Melshornet, aiming for Vardehornet – across the lake

From Vardehornet, we followed the Niven signpost and descended down to Osbakken and continued on a path up to Niven. From Niven, we had a great outlook post, approx. 560m above the Ørsta/Volda airport Hovden.

The airport at Hovden, seen from Niven

From Niven, we followed a path along the east ridge, but lost it as soon as it got steep. We decided to proceed off-trail and stayed right every time we faced a steep drop ahead of us.

Osdalen seen from Niven. Above is the Okla ridge, leading to Melshornet

Finally, we reached the Osdalen valley and headed north until we joined the path we followed going up. When we passed the top of the forest road, we decided to follow the forest road back down, just for the sake of variation.

Just before the trailhead, Anne was given the challenge to cross the gate without using her hands. Afterwards, we agreed that I won the contest in terms of style…

How about just putting your behind on the gate and swing across?

The 9,3km and 785 vertical meter hike took us 3h:13m.

Pictures from the hike: 

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