Langvasshornet, Oct 15 2016

Up to the snow line

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Langvasshornet 1001m 71m Ørsta/ Volda GPX
Why you’d want to visit Langvasshornet…

For some time, I had wanted to visit Langvasshornet above Langvatn – roughly halfway between Volda and Grodås. Anne and I was in the neighbourhood back in April 2012, when skied up to Sandegga – a very, very memorable ski-trip. So today, we decided to go back to this area and visit Langvasshornet.

Langvasshornet seen from Langvatn

At Langvatn, we spoke to one of the locals and got permission to drive the tractor road the 300m up to the trailhead. We drove on this road back in 2012, but didn’t know that we needed permission. In general, if permission is needed, I think there should be a signpost. But that’s just me…

Today, the snow line was at approx. 900m, so this would be a hike. We lost sight of the path back in 2012, but today, our goal was to focus and follow it all the way up to Langvasssætra.

On the way to Langvassætra


October had been such a crazy month. We had sunshine every day for almost the entire month, and this was in the middle of this wonderful month. We started out in the sunshine, which I admit was part of the reason of choosing this particular hike today. And except for a couple of minutes on the way up, we stayed in the sunshine during the entire hike.

At Langvassætra


We were able to follow the path all the way up to Langvassætra. It was good to be back, and I still remembered how nice it was to ski down here in 2012:

A flashback to 2012 – an epic day in the Sunnmørsalpane mountains

From Langvassætra, we went east and aimed for one of the two boulder fields where it is possible to get up to the ridge to Langvasshornet. We could have also gone straight north, but we decided to descend that way.

View up from Langvassætra. Summit to the right. We aimed at the pass in the shadow

The only time we were in the shade was when we headed up this boulder field. When we reached the ridge, we got the sunshine back and life was just wonderful!

On the ridge towards the summit

We reached the summit 1:30pm – exactly two hours after heading out from Langvatn. It was SO nice to be up there. I know every peak in the horizon, and I suppose I had been to almost all of them. I laid down in the grass, Anne was happy and Karma licked my face. I should have stayed there for a good while, but I just don’t have the ability to be still.

The good life on Langvasshornet

To those visiting this top, do take the time to go down to the edge of the cliff and enjoy the beautiful panorama that opens up below (ref. the top picture on this page)…

Panorama from the summit

Upon descent, we followed the ridge across point 997m and descended straight down to Langvassætra before we followed the path back down to Langvatn. I would have liked to go back up to Sandegga and scramble across the second of the two tops, but that would have been difficult with Karma…

View towards Sandegga

The 8,4km hike was a very, very nice. Thanks to Anne and Karma for good company!

An ice moment…

Pictures from the hike:

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