Søre Gråbrørne, Oct 29 2016

Winter is here!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Søre Gråbrørne 737m 136m Sogndal GPX
View towards Årdalsfjorden

A quick look out the window told me that the snow line was at approx. 600m, and that if we had any plans to go much higher, we should bring skis.

But I hadn’t brought my skis on this trip to Sogndal this weekend, so we had to settle for one of the lower mountains this Saturday. After studying the map, Anne and I decided to go on a mixed bike-and-hike trip to Søre Gråbrørne.

Our route from Festingsdalen

We drove to Festingsdalen and biked up the forest road (Svartaholsbakkane). After 1,7km, we reached a fork and turned right. 0,3km later, we turned right again at a new fork. We followed the forest road (towards Ombandstølen) for 3,7km until we noticed a path going into the forest. We were confident that this path went to the Kyndilstjørni lakes and parked our bikes. We were at 600m elevation and had recently crossed the snow line.

Fun, fun, fun…

It was a rain/snowshower day and we were between showers. We had approx. 10cm of fresh snow and sunshine. It felt just like Christmas!

On the way to Søre Gråbrørne

The path took us to the Kyndilstjørni lakes. From here, we went up to the nearest forest ridge and found another path that took us to the summit. Melting water was running in the path, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen it.

At Kyndilstjørni

After a 1,4km hike, we reached the top. There wasn’t much to see from the very top, but after walking a little bit to the east, Årdalsfjorden opened up in front of us.

Karma wasn’t allowed to follow us to the edge of the cliff…

Back at Kyndilstjørni, we met two women with a small Bichon Frise. It was difficult to distinguish the dog from the snow that had piled up all over it. Karma has the same problem, but with this little snow, the problem is only local to her feet..

No big snow-issues today

We took the same way down. It was nice to get back to the bikes, knowing that we had almost 6km of (mostly) downhill ahead of us. Back at the car, I learned that my Arc’teryx Bora2 boots were NOT winter boots. I hardly felt my toes.

The trip was 14,5km and had a total vertical gain of 570m.

Pictures from the trip: 




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