Geitnausa and Høgkubben, Oct 18 2016

Back in my old neighbourhood

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location Link
Geitnausa 458m 104m Ålesund GPX WCP
Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund GPX WCP
Another wonderful October evening on Sunnmøre

Another working day in Ålesund and a new opportunity to visit mountains that I used to hike all the time when I lived in Ålesund in the period from 2006 to 2008. The choice today fell on Geitnausa (Spjelkavikfjellet) with “Turheisa” as the starting point. “Turheisa” is the ski-lift that runs from the bottom of the slalom hill in and Spjelkavika up to the top of Høgelia.

Today’s route

At first, I didn’t find the slalom hill. Weird! Although I hadn’t been there for 8 years, I SHOULD find the way! Instead, I found a new ski-jumping arena that wasn’t there 8 years ago. After talking to a local guy, I found my way to the trailhead at “Turheisa”.

Karma and I followed the forest road to the southeast until Årsetelva, where the forest path begins. From here, we followed the forest path all the way to Geitnausa – approx 3,7km from the trailhead. Volunteers have put a lot of work into putting wooden walkways on top of boggy ground.

On the way to Geitnausa

It was nice to be back on Geitnausa – also known as Spjelkavikfjellet. I’ve hiked this mountain along a number of routes – on and off-trail. The view – especially towards Ålesund – is always nice.

View from Geitnausa

Then we continued in the direction of Høgkubben (450m) – not to be confused with Høgekubben (461m) – close by. Although the weather was absolutely gorgeous, we didn’t pass many hikers. The distance from Geitnausa to Høgkubben is 3km – along a very well worn path.

Passing Bigtonhytta, on the way to Høgkubben

From Høgkubben, I followed the path towards Høgelia. On top of the ski-lift, I saw a number of people – most likely doing volunteer work up there. The ski-lift was running, which is unusual in the summer/fall. They were most likely moving people and equipment up the mountain.

On the way to Høgelia

I descended along the slalom hill and returned to the car 2 hours after heading out. The total hike was 9,6km and 600 vertical meters. Good to be back!

About to descend along the slalom hill

Pictures from the hike:

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