Misc. tops, Sep 2016

Some hikes that didn’t get a trip report…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein WCP
Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein WCP
Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy WCP
Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy WCP
Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein WCP
Gyrinakken 365m 157m Herøy WCP

Røddalshorn, Sep 8 2016

Røddalshorn from Leikongsætra is a nice and short hike (400m elevation gain) when I don’t have a whole lot of time for hiking…

Karma on top of Røddalshorn

Røddalshorn, Sep 8 2016

Today, I went ALL IN for a new personal record from the car parking at Leikongsætra and to the top of Røddalshorn (563m). And I succeeded – 19m:41s up the 400 vertical meters and 2,1km trail.

Rjåhornet, Sep 20 2016

This is my favorite hike on Gurskøya island, bar none. Getting up there in any sort of weather is always the highlight of the day…

The fog came in like a blizzard

Huldrehornet, Sep 21 2016

A hike to Huldrehornet suggests very bad weather or very little time for hiking…

Karma on Huldrehornet

Garnestua, Sep 22 2016

My favorite route to Garnestua runs from Ytre Haddal…

Blåtind & Haddalshornet, Sep 23 2016

The round trip route from Indre Haddal, up to Blåtind and descent via Haddalshornet is a route that I don’t seem to get bored of, even if I know every inch of the route. The route is 6,3km and offers 765 vertical meters of hiking.

Rjåhornet, Sep 26 2016

Back on Rjåhornet (598m)…

View from the cairn at approx. 400m

Gyrinakken, Sep 27 2016

Gyrinakken is another mountain I go to when the weather is really bad. The forest gives me shelter from the wind, and the amount of time above the forest isn’t long. Little did I know at the time that October would be absolutely STUNNING!

Huldrehornet, Sep 29 2016

I posted this report Oct 24, and since the Huldrehornet hike, we’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather – nonstop! It’s been an amazing month!

Bad weather on Huldrehornet

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