Tyssenuten and Høghornet, Oct 22 2016

Outstanding views!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Tyssenuten 996m 66m Ørsta
Høghornet 1319m 209m Ørsta GPX
Hjørundfjorden seen on the way up from Sellereite

It was an absolutely stunning day, and I invited Anne to a hike to Høghornet above Bjørke. I visited the neighbor peak Kårdalstindane (1490m) two months earlier and looked forward to when I take Anne up here and show her the stunning Hjørundfjord view.

We started out on Sellereite (100m)- where I hiked Kårdalstindane from. There is parking for 1-2 cars just above the uppermost farm. We went through a gate (signposted “Kårdalen”) and followed the path 150m before we turned left and headed into the forest, along a path marked by orange paint (in the beginning).

The Sellereite – Tyssenuten – Høghornet – Kårdalen – Sellereite route

The forest path makes a sharp turn to the right (west) at approx. 400m and takes you up to a ridge. We followed the ridge up to 540m where the path leaves the ridge and runs towards Kårdalen. We went to the right (off-trail) and discussed if we should follow a steep gully leading up to the lake between Tyssenuten and Høghornet. We decided instead to “curve” around the mountain and ascend Tyssenuten from the northwest.

On the way to Høghornet (background, right). Kårdalstindene to the left.

After a while, we arrived on Tyssenuten. Here, we met a group of 3 other hikers who had come up from Tyssevatnet. They were also aiming for Høghornet.

Karma and Anne on Tyssenuten

We descended to the east end of the lake and begun our ascent from there. Here we met 4 girls who also came up from Tyssevatnet. This was quite strange. I hold Høghornet to be one of the LEAST visited peaks in the Sunnmørealps mountain range, and now there were 9 people heading for the summit – LATE in October…

Crowded mountain…

From a distance, the upper part of the Høghornet ridge looked steep. I wasn’t convinced that we could get up. There was some snow, which I assumed was hard as ice. If that was the case, then we would have a problem. I felt silly not having brought crampons or ice-axe. Stuff that is mandatory in this region most part of the year…

The ridge to Høghornet

But when we came up to the steep part, we were lucky. The snow wasn’t as hard as I had thought it was and we were able to get Karma up the cliff without any problems. But IF the snow had been hard, this would have been our turnaround point.

The upper part of the ridge. We found a good route across the snow fields

At 2:20pm – 2h:50m after heading out from Sellereite, we reached the top of Høghornet. When I took a look around, I was instantly reminded WHY we do this.

Summit view from Høghornet

After a very nice stay on top, we sat course down the east ridge. The snow didn’t carry our weight and was – slightly cumbersome. We decided to begin our descent into Kårdalen at the northwest end of the lake.

Descending the east ridge

I had feared that the descent would be strenuous – with lots of boulder to negotiate, but it turned out to be quite easy – along a grassy ridge.

Down in Kårdalen, we enjoyed looking for art of nature by lake Kårdalsvatnet

Perhaps not your Facebook profile picture…

Then we aimed for our ascent route and followed the path back to Sellereite. We were back at the car at 5pm – 4,5 hours after leaving it. I’m SO glad I still have peaks to do in this region. It’s definitely a region to fall in love with…

Below Kårdalstindane

Pictures from the hike:

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