Landnubben, June 20 2016

Back in northern Norway!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Landnubben 662m 179m Brønnøy GPX
Fagerlitinden 507m 24m Brønnøy
The beautiful Tosenfjord

The day after we returned from our one-week vacation in Croatia, Anne and I sat course for northern Norway. We planned to drive from Sunnmøre to Brønnøysund in one day, but as we learned (just in time) that RV76 was closed due to two landslides, we had to spend the night in the small village Foldereid. Next morning, we arrived at my mom’s house in Brønnøysund, after a 700km drive from Sunnmøre.

“Base-camp” in Brønnøysund

After breakfast, I was eager to go hiking and proposed to mom and Anne that we could visit Landnubben (also known as Landfjellklubben). The proposal was well received. Mom also wanted to visit Fagerlitinden – a lower top south of Landnubben. After looking at the map, I proposed that we should go for the Fagerlitinden – Landseterfjellet – Landnubben – Landgrunnvatnet – Storvatnet round trip.

Our round trip hike

We drove two cars, parked one car at Storvatnet and the other at a parking place just before RV76 drops towards Tosenfjorden. We found the vague path to Fagerlitinden (no signposts) immediately and were able to stick to it all the way up to the ridge on Hestmarkheia.

Fagelitinden and Landseterfjellet, seen from the trailhead

Moving on, we lost track of the path but found it again just before we topped out on Fagerlitinden. Across the fjord, we could see Kjelviktinden and Anne and got reminded of the wonderful hike we did across this mountain, back in 2010.


From Fagerlitinden, we descended into the pass between Fagerlitinden and Landseterfjellet and found a vague path upwards. It was easy terrain above the pass, and we walked across both the 600m contours on Landseterfjellet before setting the course north/northeast towards Landnubben.

Landseterfjellet seen from Fagerlitinden

There were still some patches of snow left on the mountain plateau. Summer arrives late in northern Norway. Landnubben’s high point was not marked in any way, so we put up a couple of rocks, as every summit ought to have a marker – in some way…

Anne, Karma and mom on Landnubben

After a short break on top, we descended southeast towards the south tip of lake Landgrunnvatnet. Near the lake, we followed ATV tracks (from the power line construction workers) down to a cabin at 400m. From here, we followed the tractor road down to lake Storvatnet, where we had left one of the cars. The 1,3km walk along RV76 would have been boring.

Landgrunnvatnet with Straumsfjellet beyond

Trip statistics: 10km, 600 vertical meters, 3h:45m

“Klubben rundt”

In the evening, mom and Anne “tricked” me into joining them for a walk with Karma. I thought they were just heading down to the sea, but they had planned the 4km “Klubben rundt” walk. The round trip in itself is quite nice and understandably popular, but I’m not too keen on walks where there isn’t a mountain top waiting in the other end. But that’s just me. Don’t be like me…

From the “Klubben rundt” walk in Brønnøysund

Pictures from the Landnubben hike: 

Pictures from the “Klubben rundt” hike: 

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