Eidhatten and Kjerringlorten, June 21 2016

A fun round trip on a grey weather day

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Eidhatten 184m 61m Brønnøy GPX
Kjerringlorten 121m 14m Brønnøy
“Kjerringlorten” (center, foreground) – read on for translation

This was our 2nd day at mom’s place in Brønnøysund. The day before, mom, Anne, Karma and I hiked Fagerlitinden and Landnubben, and the next morning, Anne and I would start our journey towards Lofoten.

So when I started looking for a hiking goal for the day, I found it best if we stayed below the fog – at approx.. 500. Furthermore, I wanted to go somewhere none of us had been before. Eidhatten (186m) came up as a good candidate. It would be a short drive and a short hike. After a busy mountain week in Croatia, and a long drive up to northern Norway, it made sense to have an easy day” before moving on to Lofoten.


We drove to Eida and parked by the last house. Then we followed the road for a short while until we found a place to get on Eidhatten’s north ridge. It was easy terrain up the ridge and 30 minutes after leaving the car, we stood on the top.

Mom, Karma and Anne on Eidhatten

I felt the walk was a bit too short, so I proposed that we did a round trip hike via “Kjerringlorten” – a characteristic rock that could translate into “woman’s poo” or something up that alley. Mom and I were there a few years ago, and I thought it could be fun to go there one more time.

But first we had to find a way down “Hatten’s” south ridge. I volunteered to find a route while the others waited on top. I found a good (and possibly the only) route that didn’t require any creative movement or exposure. Mom doesn’t like steep terrain, but seemed to enjoy herself when she reached the meadow below.

Descending from Eidhatten

In lack of a better word – the “meadow” was cumbersome and I was quite thankful that the ground wasn’t all too wet. We headed south to the foot of the Kjerringlorten rock feature and I wondered if I could get Karma up here. The south side is slightly exposed and the north side is sheltered,  but slightly cumbersome in terms of maneuvering a dog.

Anne and mom went up first, and I decided to take Karma up the south side, with Anne receiving her on top. Not that the dog need our help in situations like this, but it feels better to make sure she goes where we want her to go…

Mom and Anne on Kjerringlorten

Next, we proceeded north, across Djupvikskardet and point 109m before we joined the road to Eida. Due to a loose dog down at Eida, Anne went down to get the car while the rest of us waited along the road. No dog fight today!

Having some fun on the way down to Eida

Trip statistics:  3,7km, 300 vertical meters, 1h:40m

Pictures from the hike:


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