Store Skinalia, Klinkenberg, Strutsberget, Imsdalsvola, June 19 2018

Summer vacation in eastern Norway, day 5

Another fantastic day in eastern Norway. Here, on our way to Store Skinalia

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Store Skinalia 1142m 109m Ringebu, Norway
Klinkenberg 1031m 135m Ringebu, Norway
Strutsberget 859m 111m Ringebu, Norway
Imsdalsvola 1175m 142m Ringebu, Norway

Continued from day 4. Continued on day 6.

Store Skinalia (1142m)

Store Skinalia

Tuesday, and our first whole day on Måsåplassen by Friisvegen. After breakfast we drove up Friisvegen to hike Store Skinalia.

It would not be a long hike. The distance from the road to the summit was 3km, which fit perfectly with Anne’s bad knees.

The weather was beautiful and the wind somewhat strong. We followed the path past Kvannslåhøgda and down to the meadow east of Skinalia before went off-trail across the meadow.

Towards Store Skinalia

It was the type of hike where nothing particular happened, there was nothing particular to see, but still I will remember the hike for a long time. It was just nice to be with Anne, Karma and Turte (Karma’s sister – that we were looking after while the owners were on vacation) on a very different type of mountain that we’re used to. We simply enjoyed ourselves, big time.

So much to smell, so much to see…

We enjoyed the stay on top and the dogs had earned their summit reward. I’m not sure if Turte is really accustomed to the concept, but she seemed to like it…

On top of Store Skinalia

We took (almost) the same route back to the main road and drove to Skjerdingen to check if the hotel served lunch. They didn’t. They hadn’t even opened for the season. But at least I got a closer look at Imsdalsvola (1175m), which looked like a short and nice hike. I had a feeling that I would have visited this top before we left the area. Then we returned to our base-camp for lunch.

Muen seen from Store Skinalia

Trip statistics: 7,8km, 200 vertical meters, 2h:10m.

Pictures from the hike:


Klinkenberg (1031m)


After lunch, I went on a solo-trip to Klinkenberg – located 3,7km south from our cabin. I borrowed Anne’s bike and biked the 2,4km until the forest road ended.

A path continued where the forest road ended, passing Høgåsen on the east side. I lost it shortly after, but found it again a few minutes later.

About to cross a meadow

I passed a meadow on the east side and when I reached a small pond (which was now dry), I turned southwest and arrived on the top shortly after.

On top of Klinkenberg

I followed the same route back down and returned to the cabin 1h:15m after leaving.

Returning to Måsåplassen

Trip statistics: 5,5km on bike, 3,7km on foot, 225 vertical meters, 1h:15m.

Pictures from the hike:


Strutsberget (859m)



Later in the afternoon, Anne said yes to come along for a hike to Strutsberget. We had listened to some bad local advice and decided to head out from some place on the way to Ringebu.

Ready for hike!

We followed a tractor road/path 1,6km southbound without making any vertical progress.

Along the path

We passed the Vetl-Jakobslykkja cabin and wondered where the heck this path was heading.


After 2,3km, Anne felt too much pain in her knees to continue and returned the same way. I decided to continue up the forest with Karma and Turte. The forest was quite open, so the ascent was fairly easy.

On top of Strutsberget

From the top, we continued northeast down the ridge and ended up near Ulveslåbekken. I called Anne, who was reading a book at the trailhead, and she showed up a couple of minutes later.

The route

Trip statistics: 5,7km, 305 vertical meters, 1,5 hours.

Pictures from the hike:


Imsdalsvola (1175m)

Imsdalsvola behind Storfjellsætra

The time was only 5pm, and dinner was a couple of hours away. Anne suggested that I could hike Imsdalsvola while she prepared dinner. Bless her heart. What have I done to deserve this?

I decided to let Turte rest at the cabin. She’s a fit dog, but running up and down mountains is not what she does on a daily basis, and there would be many more mountains after this one. Karma, on the other hand, doesn’t know another life than this…

I drove back to the Imsdalsvola trailhead near Storfjellsætra, planning to do this hike quickly. I was not in a mood for running, so this would be a quick walk instead.

Ready to go!

The path was really nice, with vertical ascent right from the get-go. Just as I like it.

Keeping a good pace up the mountain

The top you see from the trailhead is a false top. Once up there, you have another 0,8km to go.

Flat terrain 0,8km to the top

It took us 25 minutes to ascend the 2km and 275 vertical meters to the top. Nice weather, nice views and a really strong wind.

On top of Imsdalsvola

After a quick round of pictures, we headed back the same way and returned back to base-camp for a delicious dinner.


Trip statistics: 3,9km, 275 vertical meters, 45 mins.

Pictures from the hike:


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