Kvitskriuprestein, Ranglarhøe, Vålåsjøberget, June 20 2018

Summer vacation in eastern Norway, day 6


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Ranglarhøe 1130m 107m Sel, Norway
Vålåsjøberget 1141m 253m Sel, Norway

Continued from day 5. Continued on day 7.


Natural phenomenon…

Wednesday, and our stay at Måsåplassen by Friisvegen had come to an end. After checking out, we sat course for Rondane Høyfjellshotell at Mysusæter. This week, we were looking after Turte – Karma’s sister – while the owners were on holiday. They took care of Karma while Anne and I went to Rhodes.

On our way to Mysusæter, we took the old road on the north side of Uldalen and stopped by the Kvitskriuprestein attraction.

The start of the path to Kvitskriuprestein

Kvitskriuprestein are pillars with a rock on top when the rain has washed away the masses underneath.


They are a spectacular phenomenon, and over time some will collapse and new ones form. Unfortunately, there has been episodes of vandalism. Incredibly sad.

Trip statistics: 0,5km, 105 vertical meters.

Pictures from the hike:


Ranglarhøe (1130m)

Ranglarhøe to the right, seen from Fjellmillopiggen


We proceeded up to Mysusæter and tried to check into the booked cabin at Rondane Høyfjellshotell. But the cabin wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to do a hike in the meantime. Ranglarhøe was a natural choice.

Not knowing the area, we followed a random road and parked where it seemed convenient, close to a transformer station, without blocking access. Then a woman from a nearby cabin came rushing out, yelling about private property. The cabin was completely fenced in, and I bet they didn’t own the property where the transformation station was. No big deal, but it still annoyed me. I’ve met so many nice people during my 20 years of parking before a hike that I know it’s actually possible to be nice and generous

There was no public parking nearby, and then I noticed a guy at the local Red Cross rescue station. I asked him where I could park, and he said I could park right here, next to his car. That’s what I mean by being nice and generous

Thanks, mate!

We followed the path towards lake Ranglartjønna, and headed up Ranglarhøe’s south ridge. We had a good overview of Mysusæter from here.

Mysusæter region

It didn’t take much effort to reach the top of Ranglarhøe, but it was still nice to be up here.

On top of Ranglarhøe

The view towards the Rondane mountain range was first class..


We descended along the north ridge and joined the road from Spranget. We followed various roads back to the hotel, hoping we could check in now.

Descending Ranglarhøe

Because of “high season“, the cabin price (NOK 1600,-) was twice of what they advertised on their web page. High season, my rear… The local store hadn’t even opened for the season. High season just meant; “we’ve got a good booking this weekend, so we really don’t need you”. But OK, so what did we get for the money?

A quite average cabin with absolutely nothing extra. Not even a remote control for the TV. The bathroom was a huge disappointment. Anne and I looked at each other, and we both had “rip-off” written on our faces. But OK, we could afford it and at least the surrounding nature would not be disappointing.

Trip statistics: 4,9km, 250 vertical meters, 1h:15m.

Pictures from the hike:


Vålåsjøberget (1141m)

On the way to Vålåsjøberget

Anne wanted to “settle in”, while I was geared up for more hiking. So, I took the dogs and drove the toll road towards Vålåsjøsætrin – to hike Vålåsjøberget. Which looked like a fairly easy and short hike.

I parked the car when I saw the “Raphamn/Mysusæter” signpost. This path would take us just north of Vålåsjøberget, leaving us with a short potential off-trail section.

Turte at the trailhead

But there was a path running all the way to the top, and 30 minutes after leaving the car, we stood on top of Vålåsjøberget.

On top of Vålåsjøberget

Upon descent, we went to a lower top to the south and followed the ridge down. There was a path down the ridge, which took us down the road, halfway between where I parked and Vålåsjøsætrin.


2 new tops for the day was quite OK, and I looked forward to return to the cabin and enjoy a dinner at the hotel. I promised myself not to think about the total bill, and just enjoy the stay. And if the weather wasn’t too bad – we would stand on top of a 2000m peak the next day. That would definitely be one of the high points this summer…

Trip statistics: 4,5km, 280m vertical meters, 1h:05m.

Pictures from the hike:


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