Tylderingen, Mar 27 2017

Superb weather and terrible snow

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Tylderingen 1104m 214m Sogndal WCP
On the way to Tylderingen

Another commute to my girlfriend Anne in Sogndal. The Indre Sogn region has endless opportunities for those who wants to go skiing after work from March and onwards. And I am among those…

When you don’t want to drive for more than 15 minutes, then Tylderingen is a “classic” choice. Especially now that the Fretland farm offers parking for ski nerds.

This afternoon, I went up with Anne and Karma. The weather was great, but the wet snow was terrible and it was impossible to get the skis to go fast. But it doesn’t matter. It was just NICE to visit a peak at 1104m elevation after work…

Karma and me on Tylderingen

Pictures from the trip:

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