Rjåhornet – Huldrehornet, May 2 2016


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location Link
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy GPX WCP

The purpose of this afternoon hike was to locate the tiny shelter called “Svensenhola” below Rjåhornet. The new trail from Stemmedalsvatnet to Rjåhornet is passing near this shelter and now that we’ve found it, we will reroute the trail so it passes here. It’s a nice place to sit down and relax for a little while. Especially if it’s windy. On this hike, my colleague Terje joined in – and Karma of course.


But before we came to this shelter, we passed the section of the route that requires a bit of consentration. Terje enjoyed this section but also said that this pitch is probably not enjoyable for everyone…

Terje in the steep section

It was a windy afternoon and it was raining light. But light rain on a windy mountain doesn’t exactly promote the feeling of an emerging spring. It was nice to get some shelter behind the Tussa building on top.

In shelter on Rjåhornet

We agreed to return to Stemmedalen via Huldrehornet. This would give us a good 9km round trip hike.

Descending from Rjåhornet

At the foot of Huldrehornet, I told Terje that I hadn’t been up my regular scrambling ever since I got Karma – more than 3 years ago. Terje suggested that he should Karma up the trail so I could revisit my old scrambling area.

The start of my scrambling route. Easy scrambling but very difficult with a dog…

From Huldrehornet, we walked down to Leitet and then up to Lidafjellet before we returned along the new path from Lidafjellet to Stemmedalen. The 9km walk took us 2,5 hours (750 vertical meters).

Our route this afternoon

Pictures from the trip:

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