Kårdalstindane, Aug 20 2016

In the heart of the Sunnmøre alps…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Kårdalstindane 1490m 364m Ørsta GPX
Why you would want to make this trip…

Today, I left home without knowing where I would end up. I expected to let inspiration find me, as I was driving from Gurskøy towards Ørsta.

Once past the Eiksund tunnel, I remember a colleague mentioning Kårdalstindane. Not that I didn’t know of the mountain, but I had been under the assumption that it was alpine terrain (not dog-compatible). So, I had to double-check and called my colleague Eirik S. Nilssen.

When he told me that I could safely bring my dog to the top of this mountain, then I sat course for Bjørke.

Kårdalstindane seen from Skjåstaddalen

According to Eirik’s instructions, I drove up to Leira and Sellereite and met the farmer (Bjarte). He knew the mountains well and told me where I should go, and all the possible options for round trip hikes. I thanked him so much for his information and permission to park at the trailhead.

Kårdalstindane trailhead at Sellereite

Karma and I left the trailhead 1:20pm, and I was carrying a very light backpack. Just an extra sweater, 2 sandwiches and batteries for the GPS. The weather seemed stable, and this would just be a hit-and-run hike for me. No round trip, as I wanted to get back to Anne – who didn’t have the energy to come with me today.

The path was marked well (orange paint) in the lower forest. Once the direction was obvious, there was no more marking (and no need for it either). At first, the path followed the valley, then it went up to the ridge up to my right. After a while, the path left the ridge and went straight towards the upper part of Kårdalen.

Towards Kårdalen

Once in Kårdalen, I crossed the river and aimed for the western top on Kårdalstindane. I had to cross a huge boulder field, which was just excellent. I like boulder, but only upon ascent. I was however not so sure I would be descending this way. Karma had no problems walking here. She is well-trained in this type of terrain…

Heading for Kårdalstindane’s west top

I reached the west top 3:24pm – approx. 2 hours after heading out. The view towards Hjørundfjorden was awesome!

Hjørundfjorden view

After a short stay, we moved over to the east top – which is the highest point on this mountain. Marvelous views in all directions!

View from the east top

I sat down and enjoyed my two sandwiches, and tried to make up my mind on what to do next. I really wanted to get back home and enjoy a not-too-late dinner with my girlfriend. The peakbagger in me wanted to do a round trip hike across Høgehornet, but in the end, my girlfriend came out of this mental battle as the winner…

View from the west top

We went back to the west top and descended directly down into the valley. It was a steep, but unproblematic descent. If there had been sheep below me, I wouldn’t have gone this way, as kicking loose rocks was impossible to avoid.

A steep descent from the west top

Once down in the valley, I took a direct route towards the point I entered the valley and followed the same route back down to Sellereite. We were back at the car 5:20pm – 4 hours after heading out. It was a superb hike, and I was so excited about finally having been to Kårdalstindane. Now I am very much looking forward to return to visit Høgehornet!

The route

Pictures from the trip: 

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