Bergehornet, Sep 9 2018

A revisit through an unexpected route…

Back in the Vartdal mountains

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Bergehornet 1024m 154m Ørsta, Norway WCP

Sunday: Today I decided to revisit Bergehornet, which I hadn’t been to since 2006. Bergehornet is located above Vartdal, and is accessible via several routes, including Nakkane/Kornfjellet and the pipeline up Risaskaret.

Bergehornet, Grøthornet (barely seen) and Liahornet – 2006

The original plan was to do the Nakkane/Kornfjellet route, but when I passed Flåskjerdalen I suddenly began to wonder if there was a route up that way. And since there was an elder woman standing there, by her car, I decided to pull over and ask her.

Yes, there is a path, she told me. Even marked. Her sons used to go up there all the time. That was good news and I was granted permission to park there.

The woman explained the starting point, and I quickly found the forest path. It was not very frequently used, but still visible enough to follow. For a while…

Along the forest path

When I eventually lost the path, I just followed the easiest terrain upwards, found the path again and followed it until there was no more path.

Just stay right of the river, and you’re good…

A violent rain shower came along and I decided to seek shelter under a cliff. Just too early on the hike to get soaking wet.

After 5 minutes, the shower had passed and Karma and I continued up the valley.

A nice rainbow, after the rain shower

It was nice to see Grøthornet from this side. I’ve been up there a couple of times, but via other routes.


Eventually, we reached the top and could enjoy a mighty fine view towards the Sunnmøre alps, and over to the island region where I live.

Summit view from Grøthornet

I strongly dislike returning the way I came, so it was obvious that I would be descending my 2006 ascent route to Vartdal, even if this meant a long way back to the starting point – along E39.

Descending to Vartdal, via Kornfjellet

It was scary to realize how little (if anything at all) I remembered from the 2006 hike. But I’d rather blame it on the many thousand hikes since then. But one thing I never will forget from that hike (I walked from Vartdal to Liadal, across Bergehornet, Grøthornet and Liahornet) was the taxi fare I had to pay to get the Ørsta cab to bring me back to Vartdal..

Arriving at Vartdal

Back to the present, from Vartdal, we were able to follow the old road (no traffic) for 1,2km, leaving us only with 2,5km along the main road (E39) back to the car. All cars kept the respectful distance to the walker and his dog, except one scumbag in a BMW, which decided to pass me with the closest of margins. Without any traffic against. Not really sure why I’m mentioning the brand of the car. I have good friends driving BMW, and they’re all OK people. It’s just that I would be very surprised if it would be a Toyota or Peugeot driver doing that…

My route

Trip statistics: 11,4km, 1030 vertical meters, 3 hours

Pictures from the hike:


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