Amlaholten, Mar 27 2016

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Amlaholten 508m 265m Sogndal
Normal round trip route across Amlaholten

Our Easter vacation had almost come to an end. After a week with “base-camps” in Beitostølen, by Randsfjorden and on Dagalifjell, we were now on our way back to Sogndal. But we decided to drive up to Festingsdalen and do a hike across Amlaholten. The dog needed a walk, and so did we.

I’m just mentioning this as a contrast to the hike; at Fodnes – we noticed that the wind was incredibly strong. It was so strong that one of the two ferries weren’t able to dock at Fodnes and had to continue to Lærdal. Whether it was too windy or lack of engine power, I don’t know, but fortunately our ferry didn’t have the same problems.

Challenges on the fjord

After reaching Manheller, we drove through the tunnel and turned right onto the Festingsdalen road just after the tunnel. We drove to the first trailhead (230m) and followed the trail (signposted) that runs on the north side and connects to the west ridge. It was a gorgeous spring afternoon and there was no wind!

On our way to Amlaholten

The forest road ended on the west ridge and we proceeded along a forest path from here. I really like this beautiful pine forest, which normally is free of snow quite early in spring.

Entering the steepest part of the route

We reached the top, signed the visitor register and enjoyed life for a little while before we continued on the path that runs on the south side of Amlaholten. Back at the car, everyone was happy and we could drive to Sogndal and mark the end of the Easter vaction with pizzas from La Pergola and a glass of wine.

Trip statistics:

4,5km, 280 vertical meters, 1h:12m.

Pictures from the trip:

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