Veten and Helgåsheia, Mar 28 2016

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Veten 301m 108m Naustdal
Helgåsheia 402m 149m Naustdal

My very memorable Easter vacation was definitely coming to an end. I left Sogndal (where Anne lives) and sat course for my home on Sunnmøre (a 3,5 hour drive). But as I had plenty of time for this commute, I decided to take a detour to Naustdal to visit a couple of easy tops. Bad weather was moving in, and I had no desire to spend time up in it.

My first stop was Veten. From Naustdal, I drove north on 512 and took the Åsedalen exit. I drove 2,1km, stopped by a farm and talked to the farmer. He recommended me to hike straight up from his farm. The hike was only 0,6km – along a path. Up on the forest ridge, I looked closely for deer as this was a typical habitat for them and sure enough – just before the top, two beautiful animals took off. The snow was deep up here and I had was just wearing terrain shoes. Bad choice.

Karma on Veten

Back at the car, I drove back in the direction of Naustdal and took the first Helgås exit (there are two). I followed the Helgåsvegen road up to the Helgås farm and parked just beneath the farm. There was a lot of snow so skis was the obvious choice.

The plan was to ski both Helgåsheia (402m) and Sletteholten (only the 400m contour was shown on the map), but just after 10 minutes I realized that this would be far too strenuous for Karma. She was literally swimming in the deep and soft snow. So I chose to only ski Helgåsheia and hoped that this is the true high point up here. It was a short trip – only 1km up to the top. More than enough for Karma…

Karma on Helgåsheia

With these two new tops, my Easter “score” was 13 new tops (with a primary factor of 100 meters) and 15 altogether (including one later in the afternoon and Amlaholten the day before). Not a bad score for 8 days on the move. It was raining, I was wet and I definitely wanted a warm shower. The shower was now just a 4,5 hour drive away…

Veten and Helgåsheia tracks

Pictures from the trip:

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