Rjåhornet, Mar 29 2016

A wonderful transition from rain to sunshine

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy Map

It had rained all day long while I was at work, and it still continued to pour down when I got home from work. I did not feel inspired to walk the dog at all, so I decided to give her a groom instead. That took about one hour and when I looked out the window, it had stopped raining!

I decided to hike Rjåhornet from Djupvika. This is one of my favorite hikes on Gurskøya island and I’ve also marked this path.

The route from Djupvika to Rjåhornet

The path was soaking wet and the newly groomed dog acted more like a cat, trying to find her way around the ponds. I was wondering how long it would take before a new rain shower set in, and kept a steady speed up the mountain.

On the way to Rjåhornet

I was only wearing low hiking boots (with no gaiters) and expected that I would get wet and cold when I reached the snow. But I wouldn’t spend too much time up there, so I reckoned I would be OK. I know how cold it can get when the snow melts in the boots. Fortunately, the snow carried my weight (barely) if I stepped carefully.

To my delight, when I reached the top, it had turned out to be a wonderful afternoon;

Arriving on Rjåhornet

Oh, how good life is on days like this. There was (of course) a fierce and cold wind and my fingers went numb after signing the visitor register and taking some pictures. So I couldn’t stay for long even though I wanted to. But at least I got to see the sun!

The sun shines above Sollia

Like always, Karma wanted to play “catch me if you can” before the descent, so time had to be allowed for that. We don’t want to break the routine. On my way down, I had some glissades which is probably the biggest outdoor fun for Karma. OK, I got wet and a little cold but who cares…

Quick descent from Rjåhornet

Pictures from the trip:

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