Rødlandstua, Mar 30 2016

This morning, it was snowing. But then…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje Map

… it turned out to be a wonderful day. I was working in Ålesund today and due to the ugly weather this morning, I didn’t bring any clothes or footwear for hiking. But when the sun broke through I decided to do a couple of walks on low mountains in the region. I found it best to stay below the snow…

The first top was Rødlandstua in Brusdalen. The trailhead is well marked and easy to find.

Rødlandstua trailhead in Brusdalen

I haven’t been on this forest top for several years and it was nice to be back. Even nicer was it to let the smell of spring sink in.

The feeling of spring

I was hoping that the entire forest was snow-free, but this was not the case. Fortunately, this is a popular top and I could follow in their footsteps.

This is a short walk – only 1,4km to the top, and the views are pretty amazing:

Haram mountains seen from Rødlandstua

My original plan was to continue eastbound to Utvikfjellet, but because of the snow this was a no-go. Instead, I returned back to the car and drove to Sula to visit Leirvågfjellet (separate post)

Pictures from the trip:

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