Leirvågfjellet, Mar 30 2016

A quick detour, on my way to the ferry…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Leirvågfjellet 254m 231m Sula Map

After having visited Rødlandstua, I drove to Sula island to hike Leirvågfjellet and enjoy the wonderful view towards the Sunnmørsalpane mountain range across the fjord.

Sunnmørsalpane panorama from Leirvågfjellet

I did a round trip walk on a most excellent path. I drove towards Sulavågen, turned left towards Leirvågen, then right towards Sundsmyra/Leirvågdalen (all signposted) and parked by the sports field at Sundsmyra. I followed the path upwards for approx. 100 meters, then turned left onto the forest path. At the top, I followed a path to the south, which eventually took me back to the starting point.

The round trip hike from Sundsmyra

I missed my ferry by 3 minutes, but it wasn’t half bad spending close to 30 minutes down by the fjord at Sulesund…

Karma had a nice afternoon…

Pictures from the trip:

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