Misc. tops, July 2016

Some hikes that didn’t get a trip report…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Kongsvollen 683m 200m Ulstein / Hareid
Hesteggi 907m 149m Sogndal
Storehaugfjellet 1173m 990m Sogndal
Liadalsnipa 924m 131m Ørsta
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy
Rundebranden 294m 141m Herøy
Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy / Sande
Helgehornet 626m 545m Volda

Kongsvollen (683m), July 8 2016

This hike went up and down Kongsvollen’s northeast ridge, where the steepest part is called Bukketrappa. It’s one of my favorite routes on Hareidlandet island.

Karma on Kongsvollen
On the way down Bukketrappa. None of us understands the purpose of the rope…

Hesteggi (907m), July 16 2016

Hesteggi is one of the “regular tops” whenever I go to Sogndal. I really like this hike. This time, I went up the normal route from Kjørnes (as usual) and on the way down, I followed a forest road that I hadn’t walked before. As planned, Anne came up this road and together we walked back to her car at Vesterheim.

Sogndal seen from Hesteggi


Storehaugfjellet (1173m), July 17 2016

Storehaugfjellet (Storehogen) is also a mountain that I often visit when I am in Sogndal. Anne and I made a similar arrangement as on Hesteggi the day before; Karma and me went up 3,km before the airport, passed Bjørkestølen and followed the northeast ridge to the summit. Then we went down the mountain road and joined Anne a bit further down. Due to recent sickness, she had to take it a bit easy. It started raining on the way down, but it was a nice hike anyway.

Fog on Storehaugen. I am getting used to this…


Liadalsnipa (924m), July 19 2016

Liadalsnipa is definitely one of my very favorite tops. The normal route is crazy steep and route up the back side is much worse. Today, it was foggy and it was raining. In these conditions, one has to be very careful. Still, I set my stopwatch before I started walking up the normal route and it read 54 minutes when I arrived on the top.

The route wasn’t particularly harder today, but I had to be much more careful on my way down. Still, I was down in 49 minutes and had a great hike, despite the weather conditions.

On the way up the normal route. You might argue that there is nothing “normal” about this route…


Rjåhornet (598m), July 22 2016

I could have posted tons of pictures from Rjåhornet. This is one of the tops that I visit most often (35 times in 2016 per end of July). Here I am just posting two…

Sometimes fog can just be magical…
On the way to Rjåhornet, with a foggy view towards Ørsta/Volda

Rundebranden (294m), July 25 2016

This afternoon, my girlfriend Anne was working on Runde island (she’s a Field inspector with the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management). I took a trip up to Rundebranden, down to the lighthouse (Runde fyr) and back up to Rundebranden where I met Anne, done with her patrol.

On top of Rundebranden
Runde fyr

Laupsnipa (558m), July 26 2016

Laupsnipa is a nice top on Gurskøy island (where I live), and I try to get 3-4 trips to the top per year. This afternoon, I went up the normal route from Voldnes, hiked over to Keipen and took a different route down the mountain.

On the way from Laupsnipa to Keipen


Helgehornet (626m), July 28 2016

Helgehornet is a nice hike, and I am not the only one who thinks so. The normal route up from the shooting field is quite worn and there are info boards that recommend hikers to use the south ridge. I didn’t notice this info until I reached the summit and took the south ridge down. I lost the path halfway down and had to go off-trail in the forest back to the trailhead.

View from Helgehornet summit

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